• Refugee Nights November/December 2020 hosted by the Imperial War Museum

    Refugee Nights is a virtual festival created by the IWM Institute marking its launch in November 2020. From those risking everything to cross the seas, to thousands who experienced the devastating fire in Lesbos’ Moria camp last month, 2020 has seen the highest levels of displacement on record. With an estimated 79 million people currently […]

  • Anonymous donor supports Bayan with her GCSE home schooling

    Anonymous donor supports Bayan with her GCSE home schooling

    Here’s a lovely story for Refugee week. On hearing of one young lady’s struggles to keep up her studies during lockdown, a kind benefactor from a church group in St. Helens immediately promised to make sure that Bayan could fully engage with online classes. Just two days later a brand new laptop arrived. Bayan told […]

  • Coronavirus and Calais refugees: How can you stay safe without soap?

    France has been in lockdown since 16 March with strict rules limiting movement outside homes but what does this mean if you haven’t actually got a home? There are around 1200 refugees living rough in the pas-de-Calais region. They are in constant fear about their health and supplies of food and water as COVID-19 takes […]

  • COVID-19 – Resources to learn English online

    COVID-19 cancellations of face to face teaching in some institutions, will be a change for all, but a significant loss for many AS/R students. Studying can help refugee students feel positive about the future. For Asylum Seekers particularly, classes provide a social space to share and learn with others as well as a constructive activity […]

  • Small steps to making your classroom a friendlier place

    With thanks to @klovesbooks1 and @4bilingualism for highlighting these suggestions.

  • Becoming a University of Sanctuary

    Action for Refugees is pleased to announce an event for the Edge Hill community to find out more about becoming a ‘University of Sanctuary’.

  • Using stop motion film to share migration research

  • The human behind the refugee category (Discover Society)

    Marcia Vera Espinoza writes for Discover Society, We question refugees’ motivations, scrutinize their stories, generalize their persecution, feel sorry for their plight, and invisiblize their individuality among the numbers that frame their displacement. The category that gives refugees international protection is the same that singles them out as a member of what seems to be […]

  • Challenging Immigration Detention

    What can be done? Friday 15th November 2019 Taking place at 1pm in CE.225 (second floor, Creative Edge) The session, led by grass roots organisations working with and for people who have experienced immigration detention in the UK, will include presentations from: a) Dr Vicky Canning from the University of Bristol; b) Samuel Farmery and […]

  • Sharing Sustainability event 7th November

    Action for Refugees was delighted to attend the Sustainability event supported by the Institute for Social Responsibility on Wednesday in Church House, Ormskirk. We joined with friends from the SDG network to share our work. Over 20 groups were represented including the local food bank and the Liverpool World Centre, as well as academics from […]