COVID-19 cancellations of face to face teaching in some institutions, will be a change for all, but a significant loss for many AS/R students. Studying can help refugee students feel positive about the future. For Asylum Seekers particularly, classes provide a social space to share and learn with others as well as a constructive activity (as legally they are not permitted to work). The Universities of Sanctuary mailing list have shared some resources for remote learning for those whose English classes have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

These courses are free to access via COURSERA and are not just for refugees or asylum seekers. They can be run from some phones as well as other devices (e.g. library computers). Not all are running right now, but anyone can sign up to join when available.

S, an asylum seeker applying for a place next year, says:

‘It is such a great idea to make the most of these days.’

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English in a global world

Understanding IELTS

Inside IELTS

English for Academic Purposes

Study skills for international students

Writing English (for study)

English for academic purposes (ie university)

English and British culture

With thanks to Aleks Palanac and Mary Forbes for sharing these links.