• Did you know…?

    Catalyst has a range of initiatives to contribute to a greener, more sustainable campus. Read on to learn about some of the ways Library and Learning Services teams are working together to make our building more sustainable.

  • Revising with a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD)

    Revision can be a daunting task when you face challenges with one of the key factors in revision: memory. But never fear, there are lots of ways to kick your working and long-term memory into action.

  • Assistive Technology: how can it help your studies?

    If you’ve never heard of Assistive Technology (AT) and wonder what it is and how it can help your studies then you’ve come to the right place. Assistive Technology software, for example, mind mapping and text-to-speech software, can help you to develop skills and strategies for studying. Whilst it is particularly helpful for those who […]

  • Online Assignment Submission: Final checks ✔

    This week the Learning Technology Development team posted its annual ‘Keep Calm and Submit’ post on the Learning Edge blog, highlighting the latest tips and good practices to ensure your online submissions over the next week go as smoothly as you could possibly wish for. As an additional treat for all students we’ve also put […]

  • Assistive Technology

    Do you know?  Inspiration mind mapping and Read & Write Gold assistive technology is networked to support assignment writing Pick up an instruction leaflet from the ASK desk (1st floor of the library) Inspiration This is a visual tool for planning and developing ideas through the creation of concept maps. The map is easy to […]

  • Skype support for students identified with SpLD (Dyslexia/Dyspraxia)

    There is an exciting development planned to improve our services in terms of support for students with SpLD. The SpLD team attended Skype training on 14 November 2013 to consider how it could be used when supporting students with SpLD (Dyslexia/Dyspraxia).  The day was very informative and we were able to talk with students who […]