• UniSkills Focus On: eResources Accessibility 

    This month your UniSkills Focus On… blog is exploring accessibility features of the eResources that you use in your studies.  

  • PDF documents and accessibility

    The regulations Under The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018, all Higher Education Institutions are required to make any content shared in Virtual Learning Environments and on websites accessible for as many users as possible. Library & Learning Services have lots of information on how to make documents accessible […]

  • Participating in the Virtual Classroom at Edge Hill University

    Participating in the Virtual Classroom at Edge Hill University

    Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is the virtual classroom platform for the institution. It can be used via a web browser on a computer or an app on a phone or tablet. The tool is available within every Blackboard course at Edge Hill University. Each online classroom contains web conferencing tools that will allow you to perform […]

  • Skype support for students identified with SpLD (Dyslexia/Dyspraxia)

    There is an exciting development planned to improve our services in terms of support for students with SpLD. The SpLD team attended Skype training on 14 November 2013 to consider how it could be used when supporting students with SpLD (Dyslexia/Dyspraxia).  The day was very informative and we were able to talk with students who […]

  • Highlights of the Technology Road Show & Mobile Clinic

    Last month Learning Services and IT Services combined forces to bring the first ever Technology Road Show & Mobile Clinic to the University.  The event was hosted in the Hub, to which students and staff took the opportunity to see demonstrations of Edge Hill mobile applications, and to speak to us and obtain technical support […]

  • Discover Free to Use Software

    In today’s climate when the cost of things seem to be on the increase, it can be a relief to hear about something with the potential of making your studies more affordable. We all know how software can help us with our studies.  Occasionally we need to purchase specific software to do a particular task, […]

  • Personalising Your Web Browsing Experience Accessibility Adjustments.

    As you will no doubt be aware a web browser is a program that allows us to view web content on the internet, covered recently by John Langford in his blog ‘Demystifying Web Browsers’. However, more often students want to do more than just view online content, they want to view it in a way […]

  • Did you know…about the essential tools and good practice guidelines for computer users?

    Whether you are developing teaching and learning content or professional documentation for your department or service, there is good practice guidance and software available which all users may add to their resource toolkit. Inspiration® mind-mapping software creates visual representations of plans / ideas or concepts in the form of a diagram or mind map. Inspiration can transform […]