• Lynda.com is Becoming LinkedIn Learning

    Many of you have used the Lynda.com video library to help you learn how to use new software, or perhaps to help you develop your presentation skills. You might also know that Lynda.com is owned by LinkedIn, who have been developing LinkedIn Learning as a new place to access the video courses. Edge Hill University […]

  • Create a Profile on Blackboard

    Blackboard’s ‘Social Learning Tools’ form a small scale social networking style environment within Blackboard, which students can use outside of their course areas. They include the Profile tool, People tool, Messages tool, and Spaces tool. The Profile tool is the one you are most likely to be interested in. This allows you to add a […]

  • How to Subscribe to our Blogs and Never Miss a Post

    One of the great things about blogs is that you can subscribe to them. This means that you receive notifications when they are updated, rather than having to keep checking the blog yourself. We’ve just added links to make it easier for you to subscribe to the Learning Services and Learning Edge blogs. You can […]

  • Meet Me in the Virtual Gardens

    The 3D Virtual World ‘Second Life‘ is the location for a small number of tutorials this year, as Edge Hill’s SOLSTICE Gardens opens it’s gates. Virtual Worlds’s like Second Life offer potentially immersive and flexible online meeting spaces. Where distance prevents face to face contact, Second Life is one of the alternatives that may be […]

  • Learning Technology Blogs

    As part of getting this new Learning Services blog going, we’ve been asked to link to a couple of blogs in our professional area, that we use a lot. As an overview of the Learning Technology area, I’d always recommend subscribing to George Siemen’s eLearnspace blog. This is a very frequently updated record of most […]