Did you know that you can choose which Blackboard notifications are delivered to your inbox? You can also choose whether to be emailed right away, or just once a day. Find out more about managing your Blackboard notifications here.

This image is decorative and shows 3 envelopes travelling into a post box that has the @ symbol on it to symbolise emails going into an inbox.

We know that a noisy inbox can cause information overload. In March 2024, we made a change in Blackboard by turning off email notifications for new content by default. We did this to help dial down the noise that you were experiencing in your inbox. You can read more about this here Dialling Down The Volume: Your Blackboard Notifications Are Improving – Library & Learning Services (edgehill.ac.uk)

Your notifications, your way

We recommend updating your notification preferences to ensure that you get the most out of your Blackboard experience.

You can choose what type of notifications you are emailed about. You can also choose to receive a single daily email update listing your preferred notifications of the day, or an email update for each set notification straight away. If you opt for the single daily email update, it will be sent to you around 5.30pm.

Screenshot of Notification Settings on Blackboard. This shows the options for email notifications to either be sent straight away, or once a day.

To adjust your email notification settings:

  • log on to Learning Edge (Blackboard)
  • click on your name at the top of the list on the left side of the page – this will take you to your profile
  • select ’email notifications’ under ‘system settings’
  • choose what notifications you want delivered to your email inbox and how often
  • don’t forget to save your changes!

Don’t worry about missing out on any important announcements from staff on your Blackboard course – they will still go straight to your inbox as soon as they are sent.

Further help and support

Check out our video guide to find out more How do I control my notifications? (panopto.eu)

If you need further guidance, get in touch by emailing [email protected]