We believe that listening to staff feedback is vital! It helps us to shape our sessions, develop new and exciting initiatives and respond to your needs and interests.

The Digital Workplace Technologies offer has now been active for over 6 months. During this time we have worked hard to develop a comprehensive and responsive offer, that has been adapted to suit staff’s digital needs and technological advancements. This year the current Digital Workplace Technologies offer has been restructured and refreshed in order to provide all staff with a clear pathway to increase and enhance their digital knowledge and capabilities. Learning Services aims to provide staff at Edge Hill University with a high-quality learning and development experience, enhancing staff digital capabilities through a variety of staff development sessions, online guides and resources.

So, what’s the word? Since launching in early 2019, over 350 members of staff have attended sessions and 100% of staff in the online feedback evaluation form said that ‘Overall the session’s objectives were met’. This is great news to hear and we are glad that we are making an impact!

Statistics about Digital Workplace Technologies,

Feedback has been a vital way in order to gather ideas, collate data and further develop the offer.

Staff have made the following comments about sessions that they have attended:

Feedback - "Excellent and beneficial for supporting 
students in my role"

"Great session and already booked for my next one"        
"Excellent session. I will be able to take the skills I have learnt and apply to my job role"

As a result of the feedback received, changes have been made to the structure of sessions, amount of participation and length of activities.

Also, due to staff feedback even more sessions have now been added! Some of these include: ‘Digital Participation: Encouraging Student Involvement’; ‘Word: Mail Merge 2016’; ‘Visio: Learning the Basics’; ‘Cultivating a Growth Mindset with Digital Technology’ and ‘Annotating the Web: Encouraging Collaboration’.

Alongside face-to-face sessions, there are also a range of online guides, videos and links to useful LinkedIn Learning courses on the Learning Services Wiki pages.

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Photograph of Laura

Written by: Laura Riella,

Digital Capabilities Coordinator