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Throughout July we have a trial to Scopus, the World’s largest curated abstract and citation database.

Scopus is excellent for literature reviews or seeing what has been published in your area as it can locate high quality journal articles, books chapters and more for any subject.  It has advanced tools to visualise your search results, showing how trends have changed over time. There are many other ways researchers use it too, such as assessing the research performance of a person, journal or university.

Access Scopus on-campus at Scopus.com. The trial runs throughout July 2019 and is scheduled to stop at the end of the month.

These videos show what you can do with Scopus

What do you think?
Please let us know what you think about Scopus (good or bad) here. Your views will inform our decision making beyond the Summer.

5 responses to “Scopus trial”

  1. Yes, we should subscribe, it is a really useful resource for both students and staff. The analytics services of the software offers useful insights which are very helpful with research and studies.I believe it is a popular resource across many universities. I do hope we can also have this, it is really user friendly.

  2. Thanks both for leaving your valuable feedback. If you’ve had any more thoughts since then there’s also the quick Google form: https://forms.gle/wLSzrvjTiGTMk6i86
    We have Scopus for a few more days (31st July) and then will analyse what people have been saying

  3. I really like using Scopus. It’s intuitive and it used to be (before I moved jobs) my go-to search engine. (I’ve filled in a feedback form)

  4. Thank you Bernie for your thoughts. Really valuable to hear that it works nicely as a go-to search engine as this shows that has the accessibility and intuitiveness to compete with Google Scholar!