What is Microsoft Sway?

Sway is part of the Microsoft Office 365 package and can be used to create presentations, newsletters, portfolios and many more. A story-telling app that allows you to combine text and media, Sway is a powerful and versatile product that can be used in many different ways.

The below case study, will look at how a member of staff at Edge Hill University used Microsoft Sway to create a Faculty Newsletter.


Louise Habberfield




Faculty Partnership Officer

Why did you decide to use Microsoft Sway?:

We wanted to introduce a faculty newsletter as a way of improving communication across the Faculty. I was looking for a way in which I could present key information in an appealing way but as well monitor readership and engagement rates.

What have you created as a result?:

The end result was a faculty newsletter distributed to all staff. Since it was distributed I have had other colleagues from across the institution approach me to ask what software I used, would I recommend it etc and that it was impressive.

What have you liked about Microsoft Sway?:

I really value the analytics I find that helpful to report on to the management team. I also like the way the text is displayed and appears interactive.

Would you receive further training on Digital Workplace Technologies?:

Yes, absolutely. There are always new things to learn, I consider myself quite computer literate and thought I was ok, but there is always new software and little tips to make working life easier!

Upcoming Sessions

If you are interested in using Sway to create a presentation or newsletter, then please take a look at the upcoming sessions. The session aims to guide staff through how to navigate the application, how to add, edit and embed material, and how to publish their finished presentations.

The next session takes place:Thursday 25th July – 11am-12pm

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Photograph of Laura


Written by: Laura Riella

Digital Capabilities Coordinator