The new Digital Workplace Technologies offer has officially launched! This is an exciting new programme that aims to provide all staff with a clear pathway to increase and enhance their digital knowledge and capabilities.

Learning Services aims to provide staff at Edge Hill University with a high-quality learning and development experience, enhancing staff digital capabilities through a variety of staff development sessions, online guides and resources. It is central to our vision that staff are challenged, engaged and supported throughout their digital learning journey.  

The new structure will allow staff to follow digital pathways based on their training needs. Within each pathway staff will have the opportunity to be actively engaged in face-to-face sessions, access online guides/resources and suggested courses on LinkedIn Learning.

These pathways include:

  • Digital Productivity
  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Collaboration
  • Digital Creation
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Digital Proficiency
  • Digital Participation
  • Digital Learning and Teaching Technologies

For staff who are new to Edge Hill University we have designed a specific pathway that we would recommend following that will allow staff to gain confidence with the digital technologies being used in the workplace and provide them with the skills to work effectively in their job role. ‘New to EHU: Digital Newcomer’ is categorised according to your job role (Academic and Support). These pathways consist of recommended core digital workplace technology sessions that will support you as you progress at Edge Hill University.

Additionally, to recognise staff achievements we are introducing a personalised digital badge initiative, which aims to celebrate staff members personal accomplishments and successes.

As we continue to evolve and develop throughout 2019, our approach will be to continually assess and evaluate our offer, ensuring that we are providing staff with the best opportunities to develop.

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Photograph of Laura


Written by: Laura Riella

Digital Capabilities Coordinator