Dyslexia Awareness Week runs from the 2nd to 9th November

As part of this week, the SpLD support team will have a stall by the Ask desk, which is situated on the 1st Floor in the University Library.

Please come and visit us we would love to hear what you think

We are offering free cakes and sweets in exchange for your comments about dyslexia!

A competition will run during the week, with scrumptious prizes. This will be drawn on Friday 7th November; to enter, all that is needed is your name and phone number.

There will be information on the stall about the SpLD support service, if you want to know more.

One response to “Dyslexia Matters – What do you think?”

  1. As a 23yr old student who has only found out in the last year that I suffer from dyslexia I find it a relief now knowing why I had problems going through school! I always felt stupid at school when people would laugh at my attempt to spell certain words and when a teacher would hand me back an essay which would be covered in red ink letting me know that I had made many spelling mistakes but never thought that I had a problem. I feel if I had known at a younger age that I might have done better at school and enjoyed it more as I would of received the help that I feel is really needed when someone has dyslexia!