Do you want your dissertation to stand out from the rest?

Do you want to present a professional document that reflects your skills and knowledge?

Then why not attend the bite size learning session ’Dissertation – A professional finish’.

This workshop is available to all students and is included in the ‘Steps to Academic Success’ sessions. It will deliver practical experience in using features of MS Word to ensure you have a consistent approach to titles and sub titles, can format text and pages in different ways and use automated features for tables of contents and figures. All of which will save you valuable time when word processing and enhance the presentation of the finished document.

The workshop is just an hour long so, book direct for the next session on 5th February

If you cannot attend a session then navigate to our guide and try out the features in the self-paced assignment. You can work on it anywhere! What you learn here you can take to the workplace too, to ensure that all your documents have a professional finish.

We look forward to seeing you!






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