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If you love your Library

Tell us why you do!


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching click on the link below to tell us why you love your Library and the top 25 responses will receive one of 25 funky USB wristbands!



2 responses to “Love is in the Library air…”

  1. I love the Edge Hill Library. It give me an inpirational place to work. It lets me meets people and chat and not feel so isolated compared to working in my room at home. Even when the cafe is closed I can still get stuff from the vending machines. The staff are always helpful and when I need a book I can find one there!

  2. I think Edge Hill Library is great especially since it was done up. It’s good to see the university investing in student services and facilities; not all universities do this.

    The staff are really helpful and I think the self service machines are a good idea. I am grateful for the e-mail reminders sent a few days before a book is due. This is a great idea.

    I can always find the books I need in the library it’s very well organised and catalogued. There is lots of study space and computers available and my print outs are always easy to find. There is a good atmosphere in the library. I find it really easy to study in there and always seem to get lots done.

    Thanks for making the library such a great place to study!