Welcome back to the Learning Services blog.  If you would like to know more about what we were doing last year and plans and projects for 2012 why not have a read of our three Faculty newsletters which we published just before Christmas.  You can access them via our Learning Services home page

We have highlighted some of our key developments which have taken place during  semester 1 and also some of the enhancements we have made to our services.  If you would like to know more about any of the developments we have highlighted, please get in touch via the blog, we are always happy to share more information.

In the Faculty of Education newsletter you can find out about how we are working with academics around promoting their reading lists and improving accessibility to resources.  There is also some information around how we are providing skills support via a variety of online tools; you can have a look at the education skills resources here

 Faculty of Health and Social Care colleagues can read about our exciting programme of staff development coming up in semester 2 and also our plans to focus on our support at Armstrong House, and seek some feedback from our Manchester students.

Billy Jones, the Student Union VP for Arts and Sciences is on the cover of the FAScinate newsletter talking about some of the work he has been doing and his role within the Faculty.  There is also an quick look at our new Discover More tool ..Does it do what it says on the tin?  Have a look at the tool and try a quick search to find out for yourself! 

 Discover More

There is also a very quick information bite about QR codes, they are every where now and we are going to be using them more and more.

Rachel Bury

Academic Liaison Manager – Health and Social Care