As you may know by now, Learning Services has many different channels of communicating important information to our students and staff. Along with our biannual newsletters we have this blog, which you can subscribe to via an RSS feed, a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

But which one should you follow? That depends on the type of information you’re after, really!

Our blog is our formal point for anything that happens within Learning Services. Information on our latest facilities, new books and resources, opening times, it all gets posted here. If you visit our website often, you will see the latest news from our blog rolling on the front page. Alternatively you can go to our blog directly and read the latest or search by category or tag. What’s more, you can leave us any comments or suggestions you might have related to our articles. If you don’t want to be visiting the blog site every time, you can subscribe to the RSS feed. You will find a link at the top left of our blog.

Everything that gets posted on our blog gets automatically posted on our Facebook and twitter accounts. So why follow us there?

Facebook and Twitter are our less formal mediums of communication. Any last minute notices about our service as well as any promotions, contest and events will get posted there first so that you will always be up to date. Consequently they get updated a lot more frequently than our blog. If you have a smart phone you can check your Facebook and Twitter accounts on the go so you’ll always be up to date! You can also give us feedback and comment on things that you like or dislike. Additionally, on Facebook, you will find photographs of any events that we organise, or you can post your own. We will also share or retweet posts from other services that we think you might be interested in and you can spread the word to your friends yourself by sharing or retweeting.

So whether you want to be reading our full articles or just snippets of our news there’s a medium for you and whatever your preference one thing is for sure: you’ll never miss a thing!