We have been working on the library catalogue to give it a more modern/streamlined feel. The icons have been updated and terminology altered. You can search for your reading lists and have a quick and easy access to our new Discovery tool. We do hope you like our new library catalogue and we welcome feedback from our users.

3 responses to “New Look for the Library Catalogue”

  1. The redesign will probably make things much easier for undergraduates to use. However, from a PhD research perspective, the lack of link to the selection of online databases previously available makes finding access to certain articles rather frustrating.

    • Hi Chris
      many thanks for your feedback. From the testing and feedback we have had we will be re-looking at links on the front page.
      We will keep you posted

      Rachel Bury
      Academic Liaison Manager for the Faculty of Health

  2. I would like to reiterate Chris Lawton’s point – I’m used to using SWETSWISE, Ingenta, Academic Premier etc. to find full texts of journal articles by using these databases to search across the range of journals. This unfortunately doesn’t appear to be available with the new set up. Or is there a different link into this option that I have not found.