We currently have a trial of a mobile version of the Library Catalogue. It is from Library Thing and is called Library Anywhere.

It would be great if you could try it and feedback what you think. Ideas for what links should be on the first screen would also be welcomed.

The Catalogue search is our live data and the  link is : http://www.libanywhere.com/m/452

Please send your feedback to Liam Sullivan 
It should work on iPhone, Blackberry and Android.  When you give your feedback, it would be very helpful if you could mention the type of phone you are using. The trial will end on Friday 22nd July.

One response to “The Mobile Library Catalogue is here!”

  1. Love the idea of the library anywhere, well done. I checked it out, and it looks good, simple to use… However I’m having difficulties logging in. It gives me the option to put in my login number but nowhere to put my password.
    I’m using android OS 2.1.

    Is it possible to look into getting blackboard to be smartphone compatible, because it would b nice to download PowerPoints for lectures. Just a suggestion.