All the material in our University libraries has been suggested and recommended by the academic staff in liaison with staff from our Information Resources and Academic services teams – a very successful collaborative effort!

From the start of the 2010/2011 academic year up to today, we can report that 7,868 new items have been added to our libraries.

What sort of things have we bought?
Printed books 7,547 books received
E-books 291 E-books received
DVD’s 26 DVD’s received
Kits 4 Kits received

Who were they for?

Faculty of Health: 2112 items added to stock

Faculty of Education: 2704 items added to stock

Faculty of Arts and Science: 3052 items added to stock

We are ordering and receiving stock all the time and there are a further 1,202 orders already with the suppliers which will realise a further 2,654 items expected to come in any day soon, ready for Semester 2 modules.

The remaining book fund will have orders placed over the next few months as further reading lists are submitted by the academic staff. We are planning a number of new ways to make our stock and resources more accessible, and one includes highlighting each month the new stock and e-resources we have received.

We also encourage all our students to let us know if there are reading lists which they can’t find in our library catalogue or items not in stock which have been recommended by tutors. Students can contact us at [email protected].

Colette Hughes
Information Resources Manager