• Crocodoc Replacement for Blackboard Assignments Only

    Croco what? I hear you say! Well lets start with some explanations of what’s what: Blackboard Assignment A Blackboard Assignment is a drop box that accepts submissions from students based on parameters set when the assignment is created.                 Inline Grading – Annotation tool Crocodoc The Inline Grading […]

  • Organising your course list in Learning Edge

    If your course list looks a bit out of control, like this: Then read on to discover how to organise it. You can also see our Organising your Course List guide, or watch the video: Organising your course list in Learning Edge: With a few clicks your course list can be transformed, from a distracting jumble in […]

  • Learning Edge Upgrade Success!

    The scheduled summer upgrade has been completed successfully and you can now login to Learning Edge as normal. The upgrade introduces a number of improvements, which we hope you will like! You will see that your ‘Courses’ homepage has been de-cluttered. Here you can now easily access all your programme and module course areas, your ePortfolio (aka Campus Pack) as well […]

  • Blackboard World Conference – Part 2

    Part 2 of the Blackboard World 2015 conference in Washington DC – National Harbour Conference Centre, 20th-23rd July Product Roadmap – Jim Chalex, Director of Product Management (Blackboard) This morning (or afternoon in BST!) we heard from Jim Chalex, Director of Product Management at Blackboard. He outlined the product roadmap for Blackboard Learn 9.1, in particular the […]

  • Linked Out…

    Have you ever come across a broken link to an external website? Annoying isn’t it? Especially if the content you want to access has moved to a different location, requiring you to start searching all over again. Fortunately in Blackboard this is now a thing of the past! As a tutor you can check the validity of […]

  • Course User Management

    Following the our recent transition from the Section Merge Tool (SMT) to the Course Relationship Tool (CRT), I thought it would be a good idea to follow up with a blog post on some useful user management techniques in Learning Edge course areas.   Course Management – Control Panel The topics discussed will focus on the […]

  • Time to get Appy!

    Smartphones and Tablets get better every year and more of you are using your mobile devices to engage with Edge Hill content on the go. With the start of term only a few weeks away, what better time to showcase the apps available to you… Edge Hill Central       Stay connected with Edge […]

  • Learning Edge Upgrade 20-21 July 2014 – What’s coming this summer

    The summer is on the horizon, bringing with it not only better weather but a better Learning Edge too! We are currently working with Blackboard to introduce a number of new features which will improve your experience and use of Learning Edge. The upgrade will introduce exciting innovations as well as improvements to core capabilities, some […]

  • Where’s the subscribe button gone?

                  Blackboard 9.1 Discussion Board Forum – Subscription Button You may or may not have noticed that the Subscribe button has recently taken a break from its duties. Well you’ll be happy to know you can fix this! In Control Panel open customisation and click on Tool Availability.         Within […]

  • How Blackboard 9.1 Enrolment Works

    Enrolments are always high on the agenda at the start of a new academic year and this year has been no exception. There have been many enquiries on how students are enrolled so let’s take a look at how enrolments are processed: As you can see the Student Information Database (SID) dictates what is fed […]