If your course list looks a bit out of control, like this:

Course List Image

Then read on to discover how to organise it. You can also see our Organising your Course List guide, or watch the video: Organising your course list in Learning Edge:

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With a few clicks your course list can be transformed, from a distracting jumble in to a clean, contemporary, George Clarke esq, Amazing Space!

  • Firstly, click on the “Edit Course List” button on the Courses Home Page:Edit Course List Image
  • Next, check the “Group by Term” checkbox:Terms_Check_Box








  • You will then see a list of Academic Year(s):Personalise My Courses Image
  • Remove the tick from “Expand Term” for each academic year and click “Submit”.
  • You will then see your course list grouped by academic year:Course List Collapsed
  • To view your courses simply click the arrow next to an academic year.

We hope you like the new course list organisation tool.

[Known Issues – Note that if you individually hide all the courses in a term, rather than hiding the term as a whole, the Global Navigation menu at the top right of the screen will stop working. We expect this to be fixed in the summer 2017 Blackboard upgrade]

Please contact the Learning Technology Development team to share any questions you have. Leave a comment below, email [email protected] or call 01695 650754.


John Langford

Learning Technology Development Systems Officer

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