• Overcoming Anxiety Limitations

    My name is Amber Berry and I have anxiety. This sounds like a weird confession, or a secret coming out. The word anxiety itself I think is a word that scares a lot of people, purely because they don’t understand it. Or it’s the other end and they know exactly what it is and that’s […]

  • How to prepare for an easy day

    After 20 years, I am slowly starting to appreciate the importance of time. Sure, I am sometimes excellent at time management, but then I can be awful. For example, one day last week, I thought it would be a great idea to stay awake until 3:00 am and then be up, ready and prepared for […]

  • A Week in the Life of a Student Intern

    Week 2 Monday When I woke up on Monday morning, my first thought was, I start in my department today. At first, I was really nervous. I was so used to having forty other people with me, but this time it was different. Thankfully, we still had a big meeting with all of us first […]

  • Getting ready for a day as a Student Intern

    I think we can all agree that getting ready for work when we’re online is strangely different. We get to sleep later, wonder if pyjamas are appropriate work attire and see the couch as an appropriate workstation. Everyone has a slightly different routine, but I find we can learn tips and tricks from each other! […]

  • Confident, Coherent and Captivating… 10 top tips for thriving in your online job!

    Hello! My name is Eleanor, I am a Digital Student Intern at Edge Hill University and within this post I will share some of the things which I do to boost my confidence in video meetings and help me to work well at home online! Grab yourself a cup of tea and your favourite snack […]

  • A week in the life of a Student Intern

    WEEK ONE Monday: Day one of 12 weeks has begun. I woke up at 8am ready and raring to go (the first wake up is always the easiest). I did the usual, brush my teeth, wash my face and then a quick shower. The time is now 8:20am and I find myself stood in the […]

  • All Aboard the Internship

    All Aboard the Internship

    Application Process “The future depends on what you do today.” Progression through life always requires change and spur of the moment decisions, there’s no way around that. The basis of this statement is what encouraged me to start on this Internship. My current degree and hopefully my future career is completely technology based, but when […]