Week 2


When I woke up on Monday morning, my first thought was, I start in my department today. At first, I was really nervous. I was so used to having forty other people with me, but this time it was different. Thankfully, we still had a big meeting with all of us first thing at 9am with the LTD team to ease us into the morning. After completing Phase 1, which was the induction and training week, Phase Two was going to be working in our allocated departments on a range of projects, whilst still gaining and enhancing our skills. Luckily, we aren’t fully leaving the LTD team yet as they are going to be giving us additional support and training over the next few weeks.

Next, we had a meeting with our new line manager and our key contact for the next eleven weeks, as I have been assigned to the Faculty of Education – My key contact is Sarah Wright. She assigned us our weekly tasks on Monday, including: reading lists, learning episodes and getting to grips with software’s such as Padlet, Adobe Spark and Google Sheets. I was really looking forward to learning about new software and gaining more experience working with a smaller cohort.

Photograph of workspace including laptop and Ipad.


Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday,  I had a great start to my Tuesday morning. As a team we had all met at 9am to discuss our plan for the day and to collaboratively work on an Adobe Spark poster, introducing us to the rest of the department. My part in this was making sure that the poster contained Alt Text so it was easily accessible. Learning how to make documents accessible is really important especially within a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). As part of my role within the internship, I will be able to assess and apply my knowledge of accessibility to Learning Modules so they are accessible for everyone.

Meeting everyday at nine with my team really is a great start to the day, it allows us to track our progress. The way to do this even more efficiently is that we decided to shift speaker every week, this allows us all to enhance our ability to lead a meeting. We also have someone designated as the minute taker, so if anyone is unsure on what to do next or wants to reflect on the meeting, they have a document containing all the information.

Tuesday was the day that we also met with the FoE social media team and discussed multiple ways to promote the faculty on social media. Using social media is really important for Educational settings as they can communicate and collaborate online with one another to create and celebrate opportunities. I found this super useful as I was able to transfer these ideas to another project some of the Student Interns are working on, which is to use Social Media to promote the work we are completing as well and to promote the Internship.


I think most people can agree that on a Wednesday, you either feel great because Friday is only two days away or you are left in a little bit of a hump, because Friday is still only two days away. I was super excited to hear Laura and Leah’s advice and feedback to collective ideas the Social Media Intern Team had come up with. However before I could get carried away with ideas, I had tasks to complete for my department. Wednesday’s task was to start on a learning episode. A learning episode is a structured way of learning, especially useful when it comes to teaching and learning online. A learning episode can contain different online tools to help students stay engaged with the content. An online tool that I used throughout the learning episode which I constructed were: Adobe Spark and Padlet. This task really helped me understand the amount of work and effort our lecturers put in to every session they deliver.

I was so excited by the time half one had rolled around, because not only could I get my hands on some more social media content, but I also decided to collaborate with two of my fellow Student Interns, Rachel and Simon on bringing you this blog every week. This was a big step for me because usually I like working alone, but one thing the internship has taught me already is that teamwork is efficient and really helpful especially when you have thirty-nine other people to help you out when you are a little stuck.


By the time Thursday had come, I was already almost finished with the tasks that Sarah had set us. So, I decided to refresh my mind on all the training which had been provided for us by Laura, Leah and the rest of the LTD team. Luckily for us all of our meetings and training sessions are recorded. So, after I finished my tasks I refreshed my mind on Accessibility, how to use Panopto and how to make PDF’s accessible (which before this session was posing many questions for me).

This took me a couple of hours, but I still had a lot of my working day left. I jumped onto a meeting with the rest of my FoE team and asked where they needed help. After sorting out a few issues and finally being able to put a banner on Blackboard I was done. But it was not yet five o’clock…

I think one of the best things about this internship is that you do really learn on the job. Both Laura and Sarah had expressed the importance of enhancing and gaining skills. Therefore, for the last hour of my working day, I completed a few LinkedIn Learning courses surrounding topics such as how to lead a meeting and how to utilize my skills to their best abilities.


Finally it was Friday and the second week of my internship was almost over. After my daily meeting, the first thing I did was Admin. I made sure I had filled out my daily timetable. Once that was checked off, I moved onto my weekly reflection. As a student it is important to reflect on your work, this is echoed within the Internship. We are encouraged to write about what we have done, what we found hard and how we overcame those challenges. Within mine, I spoke of how at the start of this week I lacked experience working with spreadsheets, because they can be finicky. Yet, by the end of the week, I became more aware of how they worked and came to grips with it. I had also watched a few LinkedIn Learning courses to help with some tricky parts too.  

Screenshot of LinkedIn Learning course open on laptop.

At the end of the day, I was looking forward to my next week working with my department and excited to work further with my team.

By Sharnie Bowen (Student Intern)