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I’m Natasha and I study Social Work at Edge Hill University.  I decided to study Social Work as I wanted to play an active role in ensuring people’s voices were heard, when making choices to make a positive impact in their own life.

The best part within my course is the many opportunities that are given to widen my own knowledge and understanding around the difficulties that people face in their lives. The course offers an opportunity to go on placement, one in the voluntary sector and the second in the statutory sector. I have just finished my first placement in PSS, working with families who have loved ones in prison. By receiving this opportunity to go, it has allowed me to gain more experience, which allowed me to develop my skills in practice and also provided me with an opportunity to build upon my knowledge around the theories and law when putting them into practice. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on placement, as after finishing it I have decided to carry on volunteering, so I can continue to build upon my practice.

When considering the job opportunities after the course, there is a high chance of employment. This is due to the links between the university and the placements that have been offered.

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  1. Amazing….incredibly inspirational.

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