• Who knew, it’s Baku!

    (picture the scene – I’m was writing this in Heathrow terminal 5, waiting to get my connection back to Manchester… and then Euro-flu took hold when I got home so I’m posting the final update for the year uncharacteristically late. Sadly, no pics –  camera lead is still missing!) Another year, another Eurovision Song Contest. […]

  • Time to ‘feel your heart beat’…

    It’s been a really quick week.  I’m a little exhausted by now, and I’m still battling this bloomin’ cold that’s been lingering since Wednesday.  I will not succumb! The academic events have all now finished, so the ERN and the ‘New Europe’ activities can give way for all things giddy and Eurovision from now on! […]

  • 8 out of 10 cool Eurovision cats…

    I was keeping it in the family last night.  My ‘secretary’ – who came to my rescue – was my sister Helen. Ain’t technology marvellous – sitting in a Greek (suitably European) restaurant and relaying the NoD to the blog via Kendal back in the UK.  Big sisters can save little brother’s lives once in […]

  • The return of the napkin of death

    My secretary is typing this in whilst I am having dinner in a restaurant without a wireless connection! Some of you have been asking so here are the songs that I think will get through tonight: Bosnia and Herzegovina Austria Ukraine Sweden Cyprus Israel Romania Estonia Denmark Ireland I`ll report back tomorrow, hope you all […]

  • Seconds out…

    Thursday was always going to be the more competitive of the semi-finals. There are a batch of good songs, good looking men, two sets of twins and a returning winner -Dana International (who I met in 2008, when in Belgrade – go on, look back on the blog!).  And yet today, in the semi-final dress […]

  • Ice, Ice baby!

    The venue was busy, considering it was the first semi-final (it has been quiet in previous years, and this wasn’t exactly the most competitive of semi-finals)… Big story of the night for me – how great was Iceland last night! I am man enough to say that I actually teared-up during the song – it […]

  • 10 of the best, or 10 of the rest?

    I’m not sure how the weather is in the UK,  but it’s absolutely baking hot again here in Cologne.  I’m just off to the press centre, and to the first semi-final, so ahead of tonight, here is my ‘napkin of death’… (Remember, we are predating who we think will go through, not necessarily our favourite […]

  • Going through, or going home? Semi-final 1 and the ‘Napkin of Death’

    Yes regular readers,  like waistcoats way back @ ESC2008 in Serbia, the “Napkin of death” is back, BACK, B-A-C-K ! For the last three years my euro chums and myself have tried to predict what is going to make it through to the final, and which ten songs will make it through from each of […]

  • The heat is on…

    It’s not just the Contest that is hotting up. The weather has been a scorcher.  Moving around the two cities, and between the press centre and the arena, you can feel the heat.  Upwards of 29/30 degrees today.  Luckily, the press centre is well ventilated – otherwise there would be blood, sweat and tears both […]

  • A tale of two cities…

    Greetings from Dusseldorf! Well, actually it’s greetings from Dusseldorf and Cologne… Dusseldorf does not have the capacity to cope with the thousands of people that have flooded into the area for the event. And also, we’re not willing to pay *hundreds* of euros each per night for a room in Dusseldorf. So as a result […]