Ice, Ice baby!

The venue was busy, considering it was the first semi-final (it has been quiet in previous years, and this wasn’t exactly the most competitive of semi-finals)…

Big story of the night for me – how great was Iceland last night!

I am man enough to say that I actually teared-up during the song – it looks stunning on stage – and I hope that you thought it was just as good at home.  If I was a betting man – blah, blah… Hope you enjoyed the show.

Azerbaijan was similarly effective when the water fall of fireworks began – we didn’t see that in the dress rehearsal…

Hungary kept some men I know very happy by going through…

And,  7/10 for the napkin of death isn’t too bad, is it.  Credibility almost intact!

There’s been a bit of a to-do in Eurovision towers because loads of countries lost their audio feed from the commentators. The EBU hastily arranged a press conference here in the press centre to discuss, what is in fact, a huge cock-up. Seems like there was more drama last night when Turkey didn’t get through – but how marvellous that Finland, Iceland and Switzerland did.

BTW: I meant to say – we’re all very excited that Spidercam is back, b-a-c-k, BACK!  You will no doubt be enjoying fab vision mixing – and everytime you see an infinity shot/360 angle – that’s thanks to the super-powers of Spidercam!  Wind machine be gone, I have a new arena i-spy game…


But that was all *so yesterday* – what about the second semi-final? More to follow….

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