Time to ‘feel your heart beat’…

It’s been a really quick week.  I’m a little exhausted by now, and I’m still battling this bloomin’ cold that’s been lingering since Wednesday.  I will not succumb! The academic events have all now finished, so the ERN and the ‘New Europe’ activities can give way for all things giddy and Eurovision from now on!

Last night members of the ERN had great seats for the jury final.  We were sitting in block F – which was at the front of the arena, and we were at the back so we had a great view.  So far this week I haven’t had anyone sitting immediately behind me, so I’ve been jumping up and down to the songs that I like, without fear of blocking someone’s view behind me.  I wish the guy  who sat in front of me last night was similarly courteous – he took multiple pics of every song. It was getting on my nerves by the end of the night, but hey – I’m seeing it again tonight so I didn’t say anything. BTW: apologies that I can’t spice the blog up with some nice pics from the final – I still can’t find the lead for my camera.

The atmosphere was amazing. The arena was the fullest it has been and the home town cheering is like a wall of sound. Not to give anything away, the opening sequence is great. The vibe is excellent and it’ll get your euro-party off and running.

Don’t ask me to predict a winner. I want it to be Finland – but will singing from first position be a help or a hindrance? France and Ireland are neck and neck with the bookies. I’d rather it was Ireland because it’s 10/10 for effort and effect. I tell you, I’m not a fan of Jedward, but how they have handled themselves this week shows them to very good effect. Hey – if it is in Dublin next year  I could travel from Liverpool in pretty much the same amount of time that it has taken us to get from Cologne to Dusseldorf!  Great news is that we are now renting a people carrier, so it only takes us 50 mins to get here – hooray/sound of Eurovision harps.

Seeing the ‘Big 5’ in the mix for the first time was interesting.  Naturally the partisan crowd create a bit of a hullabaloo when Lena (Germany) steps on stage to defend her Eurovision crown. It looks stunning – and the song is so different from anything else that it could do the unthinkable. The UK have a strong showing from Blue – and a huge cheer from the crowd. Their styling has been changed and it’s a bit dodgy, but the performance was very good… but not as good as Ireland (gulp). France has been leading the betting odds for months, but I just can’t see it winning – great though the song is.  It reminds me of that Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman track “Time To Say Goodbye”, and I’ll have you know, fact fans, that it is the best selling song of all time in Germany. Italy are back, BACK, B-A-C-K for the first time since 1997.  I like the song, but he gives nothing to the audience in the arena, so I hope it looks better on the telly. By the time Spain take their turn you will have refreshed your drink on enough occasions to think that it’s wonderful. In the cold sober light of day you’ll probably reconsider!

Before dinner tonight we’re doing the mega (Jedward’s favourite word, BTW) NoD. Here, in the meantime is my top 1o (remembering that it’s who we think will be in the top 10, not necessarily our faves):

  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Estonia
  • Russia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia

My 10 faves are (in no particular order, except Finland):

  1. Finland
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Germany
  5. Italy
  6. Denmark
  7. Sweden
  8. France
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Hungary

Before the final recap of the songs for the final, I’m sending hugs and Eurovision love to my original Eurovision partner in musical crime (yes, insert your own joke there!), Rachel Rolfe – it isn’t and it won’t be until we do again. You get me?!

Enjoy the show one and all, and thanks for reading once again this year – hope it’s added something to your day over the last week.  I’ll do one last post before I leave Cologne tomorrow, but for now, here are the songs to make your heart beat…

😀 xx

1. Finland

2. Bosnia & Herzegovina

3. Denmark

4. Lithuania

5. Hungary

6. Ireland

7. Sweden

8. Estonia

9. Greece

10. Russia

11. France

12. Italy

13. Switzerland

14. United Kingdom

15. Moldova

16. Germany

17. Romania

18. Austria

19. Azerbaijan

20. Slovenia

21. Iceland

22. Spain

23. Ukraine

24. Serbia

25. Georgia


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Bless you that you can’t find the lead! Glad you’re having a good time. Your predictions are great & I’m sure you’ll have a fab night. Enjoy! Xxx

Thanks buddy – you know I know. Thinking of you and hope you have a blast. I too love Finland and am getting a lot of stick for it!

Give me a wave!!


Have a great night it will be all well underway for you all by now
Blue very good on Graham this morning, they sounded great with a short ‘unplugged’ vocal, even Paul was impressed and all in all did handle themselves very well
Let the big night begin..
Love Rx
Hi To Rachel and Ellen as well

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