8 out of 10 cool Eurovision cats…

I was keeping it in the family last night.  My ‘secretary’ – who came to my rescue – was my sister Helen. Ain’t technology marvellous – sitting in a Greek (suitably European) restaurant and relaying the NoD to the blog via Kendal back in the UK.  Big sisters can save little brother’s lives once in a while, so it was good to post that info. It was also my mum’s birthday, so it was good to talk to her and catch-up from Dusseldorf.

NoD update: 8/10 is really quite good, considering that it was the more interesting semi of the two. Rux is right – I got distracted by Moldova’s hats and the sketchy staging.

All in all we now have 25 songs, and once again we have a good final (more on that later). I am sitting in  the press centre without my camera cable, so I can’t post any of the images from last night. Pity – as the Jedward staging looked impressive, didn’t it. The UK couldn’t vote for them last night, but it will be interesting to see who we give out douze to on Saturday night, as we have atendancy these days to give Greece 12 points. Ireland might just get them this year.

I have been at one of the ERN events this morning for a panel discussion about Eurovision. It was an early start after a very late trian home last night. Jedward’s mentor for the ESC, Caroline Downey, was one of our invited speakers. She was a star – obviously knows her Eurovision bacon – and is a good contact to have. She spoke about her approach to bringing Jedward to the Eurovision stage – it was all very interesting, and she was lovely. Karen has met Jonathan and Edward twice this week and the reports back are they are hyperactive but lovely people, not irritating at all.  A bit like an excitable children who have eaten half a bag of Haribo!

It’ll be nice in Dublin next year.  I’d prefer to be in Helsinki…

We’re off to the Jury final tonight.  Not to explain the obvious, but this is the broadcast that the juries watch to cast their votes. The international juries, as some of you will know, are music industry professionals who are judging the musical merits of the songs. On occasions the jury and the public vote do not align – but overall it is seen as a good way to ensure that there is variety and a focus on music rather than spectacle and all that jazz.


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Aw, Phil – I forgot to watch this year. Pity you’re not in Berlin. We’re flying out tomorrow for 4 nights. I’m sure we’ll catch the final in a bar somewhere!

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