It’s the final countdown…

Well, friends – it’s time for us to turn our attention to who might just win this thing! 

I’ve been here for just under one week, and have shared a wonderful experience with some good friends and colleagues. Karen, Brian, Toni and Apostolos have offered laughter and friendship as we have navigated our way through what is, in all honesty, a balmy week.  Trust me – you wouldn’t miss it for the world if you were in my shoes right now – how many people can say that they are at the heart of the biggest media event and song festival in Europe. 

I’m very happy to have been supported on this trip by my boss Carol (to whom much love from Moscow) and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences – who realise the value of positioning a media lecturer in the mix at such an event.  This trip was also brought to you by the letter Y and the number 1…

So, let us turn our attention to the final line-up of songs – all 25 of them.  As I think I might have said last year on this blog, the semi-final phases have weeded out most of the poor and novelty songs. As a consequence we are left with 25 songs, most of which are good contemporary songs – if people can see beyond their prejudices about ESC and European music.  Let’s take a look at the class of 2009…

01 Lithuania “Love” performed by Sasha Son

02 Israel  “There Must Be Another Way” performed by Noa & Mira Awad

03 France  “Et S’il Fallait Le Faire” performed by Patricia Kaas

04 Sweden “La Voix” performed by Malena Ernman

05 Croatia “Lijepa Tena”  performed by Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea

06 Portugal “Todas As Ruas Do Amor” performed by  Flor-de-lis

07 Iceland “Is It True?” performd by Yohanna

08 Greece “This Is Our Night”  performed by Sakis Rouvas

09 Armenia “Jan Jan” performed byInga & Anush

10 Russia “Mamo” performed by Anastasia Prikhodko

11 Azerbaijan  “Always” performed by AySel & Arash

 12 Bosnia & Herzegovina “Bistra Voda” performed by Regina

13 Moldova “Hora Din Moldova” performed by Nelly Ciobanu


 14 Malta “What If We” performd by Chiara

15 Estonia “Rändajad” performed by Urban Symphony

16 Denmark “Believe Again” performed by Brinck

17 Germany “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang” performed by Alex Swings Oscar Sings!

18 Turkey “Düm Tek Tek” performed by Hadise

19 Albania “Carry Me In Your Dreams” performed by Kejsi Tola

20 Norway “Fairytale” performed by Alexander Rybak

21 Ukraine “Be my Valentine! (Anti-crisis Girl)” performed by Svetlana Loboda

22 Romania “The Balkan Girls” performed by Elena

23 United Kingdom “It’s My Time” performed by Jade Ewen

24 Finland “Lose Control” performed by Waldo’s People

25 Spain “La Noche Es Para Mí” performed by Soraya

Pick a winner – go on, go on, go on…


7 replies on “It’s the final countdown…”

Ellen is very, very happy – I’m pleased too.

Sad for Sakis, but he’s always special.

Malta obviously got lost amongst the other power ballads – poor Chiara.

B&H in top 10 so not that bad.
uk top 5 wasn’t it?
Turkey did well.

And the Norwegian boy did good.

A good night.

Hope you had a good time in the hall with the dangling swimming pools!


All going well in the Rachel, Paul and Toastie household
Like Richard, Paul is loving Sweden, got his highest points so far.
We are at song 12 so none of my fav’s yet..did also love Sweden but I don’t think she sang as well as in the Melodi final, I thought she seemed a bit phased by the stage
Have been out for cocktails early evening to get us in the mood
Update Paul now excited by Moldovia, likes the Gypsy theme
Have a great night and keep waving in case we spot you..
Love R, P and T

I’d love to see Malta win or at least top 3.

B&H in top 5?

UK in top 10.

I’d love Sakis to do well and Mr Norway.

Like Roxy I think Turkey could do well.

I also love to think that Sweden would do well – we love it in the house and Richard thinks its a winner, but we thought that last year and look what happened!

All suitably non commital, but lets enjoy the ride.


Oh My God Phil!!!!

And to cap it all… we’ve just got a new TV!!!! Hallelujah!

Thanks to the wonderful Richard I’ll be enjoying the show and you in 32″ HD fabulousness!!

Bring it on!!!

Give us a wave when the camera whooses over you Phil! We’ve already had the semi on slow mo to show Ellen’s friends who you are and where you were sat!

Vampires! and especially for you Phil, menek menay! Hope there are lots of ‘special places’ to enjoy!


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