Guys and dolls…

Today and the only trip to the press centre is to get a sense of the vibe a couple of hours before the broadcast. It was also an opportunity to share with you who we met today…


Can you believe that we were having a mooch around Moscow when we spooted the bus of the Greek delegation outside a hotel. Quite excited by the prospect of seeing Sakis we hung around in the lobby, but after a few mins we thought he wasn’t around. In the meantime we found a shop selling Russian dolls (thank goodness for that!).

On our way back we once again passed the hotel where members of the Greek delegation were boarding the bus. It was too much of a opportunity to miss, so we went back in the hotel – and within a minute there was the man himself! It’s a crazy old place in Eurovision World!

Afterwards, back in the apartment, Karen catches her boys in a state of over-excitement…


So, that’s it from me until after Europe has decided what is the best song in contest this year. Have a great night everyone – and Rachel Rolf – Eurovish is never quite the same without you. Do I look smart tonight…



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You look very smart, quite dishy actually.

Hope you’re enjoying yourself; we are watching at home in Wigan with pizza and vodka!

Come on Brits! Love Laura and Jamie

So far….
Laura likes the Denmark (Ronan Keating version of a man)!
Jamie likes Azerbaijan, and quite likes Malta.

Both love Germany, and the Dita Von Tease element!

Laura votes for Sweden, Denmark and Germany.
Jamie votes for Azer, Portugal and Israel.

And UK.

However, believe Norway to win!


OMG :-0

You and Sakis! I can therefore say I am one person away from Sakis! I like his relaxed look.

And baby, right back at ya – Eurovish isn’t the same without you but we are following your example enjoying fine wine, good food and great company.

Oh yeah, and feeling a bit sad about Malta.

Will add more later… after the final countdown.


Woooooo…soooo jealous…the lovely Sakis! Hope you gave him a big snog. God, he’s so gorgeous…but I cringed for him tonight when he didn’t do well. Didn’t anyone tell him – you can’t get by on looks alone my love!!!

I’m in love, with a Norwegian boyyyy but it’s a fairytale… cos he’s a baybeeeeee! Well done little scrumptious. Catchy song and charismatic little boy. Gutted for Malta but pleased for little miss Iceland. Lovely song…and hey…ALW also liked Estonia. Seriously thinkin’ of giving up my current job to become a talent scout ;0) x

Prize for the lyrics most lost in translation…goes to…”I’ll be your anti-crisis girl.” (What?)

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