What time is it…

All together now…

“It’s my time, it’s my time, my moment…”

I promise I will try to avoid any more references to anyone’s time after this – as references to our song title are getting increasingly irritating – and that was just in the UK press conference this afternoon!  So, that’s given you a clue as to where I was following the first rehearsal of the final earlier today.

The worldwide press were in attendance to welcome the UK delegation, with Jade, Andrew and Graham joined by Dianne Warren…





Some good questions were put to the panel – although to be fair most interest was all things to do with… ‘the  Lord’.  He was asked why he was here – and he said that he had nothing to lose as the UK couldn’t do any worse than they did last year, finishing in last place.  Good answer Andrew! 

Jade was also asked if she was a little jaded (see what I did there) about not getting as much exposure as the Lord… she suggested that she was here to sing and that all the talking could be done by everyone else!  Nice one, Jade!

I asked the final question of the press conference – quizzing the BBC delegation as to why they are suddenly making an effort that everyone  – including Vladimir Putin –  is noticing.  They suggested that they had always taken it seriously – well, really?  Not so sure many of us would agree with that. 

What we can agree on is that this delegation are all behind Jade and the song.  As are we… and my mum and dad!

BTW: sorry Mum, no tickets for Oliver! – despite establishing eye contact with ‘the Lord’, that wasn’t enough!  If Jade wins I’ll send you and Helen to London for the wekeend to see it.  Blimey, I must think that the UK will win this year? 🙂

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Hi Phil,

Your postings have been so frequent I have barely been able to keep up! But you have done enough to make me decide to watch it again this evening – after last year I felt like it was a waste of time!

Say hi to Karen for me as well 🙂 Have a great evening!


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