As seen on TV…

Thursday evening and a packed Olympic Arena here in Moscow.  I had mixed feelings about this group of songs – but many of them came through rather dodgy rehearsals with some good performances.  Some failed to impress and were sent home.  As for the ‘Napkin of Death’  I did OK – getting 8/10.  That means I got 16/2o in total.  As Ruxandra has comented in disbelief, I’m normally much worse at this prediction lark! 

Here are some pics of the proceedings last night – from my point of view.  Apparently Rachel was saying that I was seen on TV?  Good god – it must have been a wide shot! 😀   I’m still not bored of looking at this dynamic set design…


My view of the back of the arena…


The celebrations continued after the broadcast came off air…


Sakis continued to build support ahead of the final…


Gotta get me some white pants!


And spare a thought for poor Ireland.  I thought that they did a great job, and I was sure it would go through – but with three countries left to reveal it was clear that is was out of the running – with the hot faves still to come.  Here’s my last view of the arena last night – stunning lights or what.  Irish flags weren’t exactly waving, and Irish eyes certainly weren’t smiling.




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