A bit of television tourism…

Day Two in Moscow.

The three hour time difference is playing with my body clock (we are 3 hours ahead) but despite this we were up and out of the apartment by midday.  Karen and I headed for Red Square and the Kremlin, as it is on our doorstep.  The location of our apartment is worth every penny/cent/euro/ruble. When you turn the corner and this is what you see…




Here are some images of the day yesterday afternoon (Monday) as we headed for the Press Centre. It really is stunning…










But what of the Song Contest itself?  News as it occured next…

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St Basils looks incredible. Like a Willy Wonka castle with ice cream towers and candy crenellations. Have a great time Phil, you will be devastated to learn that the Inclusion Review passed off without you! (Fnaargh!) Margi was there though!

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