It’s her time, finally…


Well, it’s time for Jade Ewen to start her Eurovision campaign for real as she has arrived in Moscow.  Today (Saturday) provided us with the footage of her first rehearsal.  The buzz is building around the UK entry, and with Jade appearing on what seemed like every magazine programme on UK television last week, let’s see if she can live up to the hype…

I have just watched it with my bestest Eurovision friend, Rachel, and the Rolfe family posse – they are my Buckinghamshire stop-over before I am despatched to Heathrow Terminal 5 in the morning.  Overall we think that this is a positive start, despite the shaky and somewhat breathless vocals at the start.  That said, she more than rises to the challenge of the key change and the vocal gymnsatics.  Given that we’ve seen some rather ropey vocals over the course of the rehearsals so far, I think that this has the potential to give the UK our best finish since 2003.

No sign of Andrew Lloyd Webber tickling the ivories for this rehearsal – rest assured that he’ll be on stage with Jade, one week from today.

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