Greece is the word…


Here is the hot, hot, hot second favourite this year (at the time of writing) – Sakis Rouvas. When he first represented Greece in 2004 he had an infectious song (8/10) and weak vocals (4/10). That was only good enough for 3rd place. There have been concerns about his vocals this time around – so let’s see how he did in his first rehearsal…

Personally, I would put this way ahead of Norway at this stage – it has great stage presence and the choreography is as dynamic as the song.



I’m thinking of my good friend Paul Jordan at this point – who is an expert on all things Ukrainian and Estonian – he’s in the process of completing his PhD in that area. I think this is in contention…

(warning – this footage contains a Lilly Allen copycat fringe, in the absence of any strobe lighting)

Paul has arrived in Moscow and was gushing about the magnitude of the stage – I can’t wait to see it on Monday. Paul also said that this performance is strong – and so he’ll be waving his Estonian flag with pride. One to watch, and surely it will make it to the final.



I quite like this (“when I listen to it on my iPod” ©), but I think I have listened to it too many times over the last few months and so I’m a little bored with it now. My eurofan friends have warned me that the performers can’t deliver us a quality live vocal, so lets see…

I think that they can deliver – it’s just a shame that they have removed the crucial middle eight into the key change. Eurovision songs are well renowned for a key change, so it is more than noticeable that they have removed it. This song does remind me of the Greek entry from 2001…

Quartissimo & Martina’s first rehearsal for Slovenia

Poor Martina – trapped in a sleeping beauty’s glass coffin for half of the song…

And no vocal until half way through the song? You might think that’s rather odd for a song contest, but no – in 1995 Norway won the grand prix with a largely instrumental song…

 Is this ‘Love’ at first sight for Lithuania?


 Lithuania have sent the love child of Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake to the Eurovision this year…

The piano refrain sounds like “Falling” by Alicia Keys, and Sasha Son is styled like JT. Is it me or can you start singing “we are the champions my friend” at some point in the melody – see if you can pick up that thread in the song.

Finally for now – from the bottom to The Toppers

Here’s what The Netherlands are offering this year…

Like a group of dads at the family disco, anyone? They’re massive stars in The Netherlands, apparently… but why is that backing singer selling cornettos on stage?

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Blimey Phil – dads and mums at the family wedding! Make mine a raspberry ripple – usherette woman at the back there! :0)

Mr Timberkeyes’s song totally sounds like We are the Champions at some point. And please, please bribe everyone at Eurovision to not let the Netherlands through to the next round. Dreadful song… In a very strong year, I think.

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