Let’s hear it for the Boy…

Here is the hot, hot favourite for the Contest this year – Alexander Ryback singing for Norway…





I wonder if Alexander has a signed letter from his mother to be there… he looks very young!  My good friend (and euro scholar) Professor Brian Singleton informs me that the Maltese singer thinks that he looks like Harry Potter – the early years.  I guess there is a touch of Daniel Radcliffe to him, but still – a saucer of milk for Chiara!




I’m the kiss of death when it comes to backing a winner – but does it sound like a winner to you?  Get involved and let me know.  The staging is all a bit chaotic for my liking – although the Cossack inspired choreography will curry favour from Eastern European viewers, I’m sure. 


The odds have narrowed even further so the bookies must like what they see.


Tonight, Matthew, I’m Ronan Keating…


This is Danish singer, Brinck…



You’d have to agree with me that he sounds a wee bit like Ronan Keating.  He might even look slightly like him?




Well – and this is where it gets really interesting – the song is written by Ronan Keating!  We might ask ourselves why Ronan himself is not singing for Denmark, or indeed representing his home turf with this song.  Some Irish eyes were raised at Ronan’s involvement with the Danish delegation, but perhaps he didn’t want to be the second turkey to represent Ireland in as many years… Dustin the Turkey didn’t exactly wow Europe last time around.  I guess Denmark have found one way to get some easy votes out of the Irish jury and televoters – and it stands a good chance of making an impression in the first semi-final (Tuesday 12 May).  And with Ronan Keating in mind…


Will Irish eyes be smiling?




Last year it was the rather odd choice of television personality and, erm, puppet “Dustin the Turkey” to fly the flag for Ireland.  He was always a controversial choice, and the viewers around Europe did not get the joke – mind you I struggled myself.  This year RTÉ (the Irish broadcaster) have sought to make amends by not sending a literal turkey… but is the song, performed by Sinead Mulvey and Black Daisy, set for a good stuffing?



Very derivative of P!nk and other female artists. It’s quite catchy, but I think it will struggle to get to the final.  Although I must be kind as Brian and myself have tickets for the final courtesy of the Irish Eurovision Fanclub.  I’ll have my flag ready for Sinead and the girls.


All the World’s a stage…




And finally today we have the Polish entry – a song which I quite like when I hear it on my iPod (other portable audio devices are available!).  However, at this early stage of rehearsals Lidia Kopania’s performance is pitchy and nervous.  I think it’s easy for us as television viewers to forget that performing on the Eurovision stage is a daunting prospect, and some artists will need rehearsal time to build their confidence.  I’m also reflecting on the size of the stage this year – it’s massive.  It feels like this performance is being overwhelmed by the size of the space in which they have to perform.  I’ll be interested to see the later rehearsal footage to see how it progresses.  See what you think…



And I have the first curse of my media interviews!  No sooner had I said in a radio interview with Dune FM this afternoon that I thought there were fewer novelties and distractions for the viewer to absorb, the Polish rehearsal throws in pointless ballet dancers as a sideline to the main performer.  I find it distracting and irritating – and it seems at odds with the song.  If you look closely at the backing singers I’m sure you can see them chuckle slightly when the dancers start ‘throwing some shapes’… isn’t that what ‘the kids’ say these days.  I’ll check with Tanya Byron…


See you for other well regarded songs from Azerbaijan, Greece, Ukraine and Estonia in the next post.

5 replies on “Let’s hear it for the Boy…”

YES. Mr Norway is rather cute with a touch of the Johnny Depp aroung the eyes – but farrrrr too young for me sadly!

Now then Phillip – I’ve had a preview of your Videos so far and my initial thoughts are as follows:

Ban the ballad and bring on the boom bang a bang! Ballads are not the stuff of Eurovision (EV) and ‘balladees’ should stick to shows like the X Factor!!! But if we must be subjected to them then here goes:


Sorry, but we really don’t need any more Keaton clones on the planet. Enough already! (Nil poi)

LW’s lyrics – deeply disappointing! I don’t know what he’s playing at. Jade’s voice is ok but the tedious lyrics nearly sent me to sleep. Best you audition for the X Factor Jade my love! (Deux poi)

Yawn yawn (Deux poi)

Can’t make up my mind. I agree with you, I think the poor girl was nervous and was really distracted by the bizarre dancing and giggling backing singers…so will reserve my judgment for now! Will comment on dancers per se below! (Pois pending!)

Definitely the best so far. A nice voice with a touch of the Titanics about it (hence the sea theme in the background?). Nice eye shadow too! (Cinq poi)


Sorry, but the mere sight of 80’s batwings and leggings is a complete turn off. I know it’s back in vogue but it was hideous then and it’s hideous now! I was too distracted waiting for the Hoff to enter stage right. Both the sound and vision all too 80’s for my liking. (Un poi)

Bosnia Herz
Much more EV, regarding entertainment value! I think the ‘pitchy’ bit – which sounded like an unintentional scream to me Phil, must have been when the drum that was dropped rolled onto someone’s toe! (Quatre poi)

Definitely EV quality and well in the running: though I agree Phil, young Harry must be bunking school to be there! And very crafty with a touch of the Cossack in the music and the dancing! Hmmmmm, who’s he trying to impress then? (Six poi)

Re. the dancing – It looks to me like they’ve all added a kind of Moscow State Circus element in keeping with the wonderful city they’re in. However, in classic EV style, it does appear quite humorous. Norway’s drummers look a little like the Sally Army sketch from the Two Ronnies – and what is going on with the dancers? They seem to move from circus flips, to Cossack, to English village green Morris Dancing! Brilliant! And as for Poland – bit of the Bolshoi going on there me thinks! Unfortunately, it’s ended up looking like they’ve nicked the loo roll from the Andrex puppy and have decided to play ‘cat’s cradle’ with it. Keep it coming! After all Phil, it’s all the little extras that go with the music, that make Eurovision such compulsive viewing! Really enjoying your blog.

I think Mr Norway also has something of Mr A-ha in him. So also something for my generation. Fab. But I’m afraid I don’t like his song. But then what do I know? The last time I backed a Eurovision winner was in 1976.

Mr Norway is lovely and he knows how to use his non verbals to add to his performance (yes, he is looking directly at me! and so thinks every other lady/chap who watches the show!)

Denmark appear to have lost the singer’s horse (just look at the way he is standing!). On first listen to this track I said the rest of the Rolfe lot it sounds like Ronan – and now I know why…

Ireland is popular in our house with the 13 and 4 year old but then again it could be Miley/Hannah, Avril, Katy…. etcetera etcetera nice eh 😉

Is the Polish dancer’s elastic band like training wheels on a bike? Just in case they go too fast and fall over?? It is distracting but then again I remember a song from last year with some bloke ice skating….

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