What’s your favourite chocolate?

I know some people who love Maltesers.  I know loads of Eurofans who love one Maltese-er in particular – the representative for Malta, Chiara.




Now, if it’s true that God loves a trier then Chiara must feel blessed. This year marks Chiara’s third participation in Eurovision.  In 1998 she came third, in 2005 she came second – will she go one better in 2009 and claim victory at the grand prix de l’Eurovision?


Chiara is a seasoned performer, and as you will see from her first rehearsal yesterday, she has a powerful voice. 



It’s interesting that the arrangement of this song has been improved since it was selected. This is quite important as there is a ‘battle of the ballads’ amongst the favoured songs – including our own Jade Ewen for the UK. I have contacts with the Maltese delegation so hopefully I’ll be able to meet Chiara for one of my many blatant attempts to be seen with the runners and riders at this years Eurovision!


A warm reception for Iceland…



Interest in the Icelandic entry is building – and you can see why from the footage of the first rehearsal…



I have long believed that solo singers do really well when they are supported by excellent backing singers – and that is definitely what Iceland are doing here.  Last year Norway had an excellent song which was very well supported by powerful backing vocals and they snagged fifth place in the final.  Eagle-eyed fans might have noticed that it looks like Friðrik Ómar, lead singer on the 2008 Icelandic entry, is back at Eurovision – this time in a supporting role.  


The battle begins for Bosnia…




Bosnia and Herzegovina sent a slightly eccentgric entry to Belgrade last year. This year it is all more earnest and anthemic.  The group are Regina, and they are joined on stage by three drummers, for theatrical effect.  Choreography is effective but you will notice that there are some pitchy vocals at this early stage, and what sounds like someone dropping a drum…



One of my early favourites – and following the rehearsal yesterday it has jumped to fourth favourite with the bookies.  All eyes will be on the leading contender Norway at the rehearsals on Tuesday afternoon.  Let’s see if it can maintain its position…


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phil! i cant believe i clicked on this blog entry thinking i was going to have a good debate with chocolate lovers from all over the show, i should have known it wudnt be!!!
well lindt is my faveourite, so which ever country that comes from i will support its counterparts of eurovision.
and england obviously “nil poi”

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