Moscow magic gets underway…

It’s all go in Moscow with the first rehearsals underway for the semi-finals next week.  Some of my friends and Eurovision scholars are already in the city and in the Olimpiyski arena to watch the first rehearsals of all 42 countries.  Can you imagine!

By the time I get to Moscow next Sunday the majority of the rehearsals will be finished, although it was interesting last year to watch the dress rehearsals for the semi-finals and see that some of the performances and logistical transitions between entries were still a little rough around the edges.  That said, with the magic of television it all goes smoothly on the night.

I have no intention of subjecting you to the rehearsals of all the countries, instead I thought we could have a butchers at the cream of the crop – the favourites with the bookies – or some of the more interesting entries.  Here’s footage of what was going on on the first day of rehearsals…

 Hadise rehearses for Turkey…

Currently (and consistently) third fave with the bookies, behind Norway and Greece.  It’s a ‘Ronseal’ entry this year for Turkey – it does exactly what it says on the tin… very Turkish. Let’s not forget that Holly Valance did a cover version of “Kiss Kiss” all those years ago (which was originally a Turkish song), and there’s definitely a flavour of that here – as well as a little Shakira Shakira.  Neill Cockwill has put a few quid on this song after being subjected to it in our office since January!

Lovebugs get their campaign rolling for Switzerland…


Were you expecting that?  One of the more rockier numbers should hopefully get through the semis… Turkey did very well with a similar song last year.  Did you know that Celine Dion won for Switzerland in 1988 – beating the UK by one point?

Will you adore-a Andorra?

One for the Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana crowd?  A pleasant little ditty – with a catchy chorus. A friend of mine is convinced this will do rather well. I’m not completely convinced myself!

Viva La Diva for Sweden…

This will go one of two ways – the audience of Europe will love it or hate it. I know that Julie Climpson loves it – every time she passes my office and hears it she tells me that it’s her favourite! And you have to agree it’ll stand out for many reasons. 

At this early stage of rehearsals you notice things like the mike level for the backing singers isn’t strong enough in the mix – but it’ll get sorted as they refine the performance.

So there we are – day one of the rehearsals in Moscow. Last year I thought that the stage was stunning in the arena, and I think that the versatility of it this year is even more interesting… let’s hope that the performances will be just as dynamic.

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