Thank ‘the Lord’ for Eurovision…

Isn’t it funny how annual events seem to come round quicker each year – or am I just showing my age?  Whilst it only feels like a few short months since I was in Belgrade covering the Eurovision Song Contest in Serbia, it’s almost a year!  Indeed on 10 May I’m Moscow-bound to cover the build-up to, and broadcasts of, the Eurovision this year.


Getting tickets to attend the event has been a nightmare. Getting press accreditation was a challenge. Finding an apartment took three attempts… but I’ll discuss the logistics in more detail later, as I think it tells us much about the Russian approach to hosting the contest this year.


I thought that we could kick-off the blog this year with a timely mention of the UK entry this year.


As most of you will know by now, Andrew “the Lord” Lloyd Webber has penned our song, “It’s My Time”, with renowned lyricist Dianne Warren.  The song will be performed by Jade Ewen, who was selected via the BBC’s “Your Country Needs You” reality TV vehicle back in February.  Here are the results of what is widely seen by fans and commentators around Europe as the BBC taking the contest more seriously, by not sending a novelty song to Moscow…

What do you think, and how do you think we’ll do this year?  The UK finished in joint last place in 2008 – surely we’ll do better than that?  I guess all will be revealed on this blog during my adventures in Moscow.

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Don’t think the song is memorable enough to distinguish it from other entries (or that might be just me as I hate ballads.) Anyway, back in the Euro loop, hurrah, I’ve missed the annual office pre-euro build up. Bring on the trumpets!

Teach In – a class act. Still one of my all time favourites!

Mary Hopkin wasn’t it????

Thank goodness that there isn’t a turkey puppet this year.

Looking forward to Norway and Greece 😉

Was “Those where the Days…” by someone called Mary something with long blonde hair, a maxi skirt and a guitar, a Eurovision winner??? I think it was number one when I went to Ireland on a school trip in (…acutally, I ain’t giving the year away) Yellow River was also in the charts. God help me for being this old!! :-{

The West End Eurovision seems much mor fun, which was won by Mama Mia last night with Billy Elliott as runner up.

Moscow welcomes Professor Jackson.

We looking forward to your singing.

Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей

Cheers m’ dear!
Re Eurovision. I must say, I do miss the good old 70’s versions: hairy men, with hairy faces and hairy jumpers, from places I’d never heard of, singing meaningful lyrics, such as, “Oh bingo, bongo…oh bingo bango…” Ahhh…changed my life as a tender teen! It’s all far too sophisticated now for its own good! ;0)

Terry W is gone so I think Eurovision is dead (just a matter of year)

Won’t be the same without him.

You jammy so-and-so going to Moscow! Pleeeeeasssseee get me a piccy of one of my favourite buildings: St Basils.

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