• Engaging students

    The integration of the students’ role both in the identification of placements and in their feedback on placement experience back into the teaching within the programme What happens? It was felt that students should be central to decision-making about placements. Where they may already be involved with placements, having them share these experiences was felt […]

  • Funded opportunities to enhance employability

    The provision of funded additional qualifications, e.g. first aid and coaching qualifications, to enhance students’ employability What happens? Students on the Working with Children 5-11 programme will be offered funded opportunities to enhance their employability and to widen their knowledge of potential career pathways. What is the likely impact? This programme has recruited a group […]

  • Students as Digital Leaders

    The selection of students as ‘Digital Leaders’ (DL) to support staff and other students in using digital learning technologies What happens? Students apply for a DL role and go through a selection procedure which includes a presentation. They work with the Department’s TEL Lead with the intention of supporting tutors’ use of TEL and being […]

  • Alternative assessment

    The Department proposes to collaborate with the Department of Computer Science to explore the potential use of the CAVE resource for developing virtual field trips to 3D landscapes, simulating natural and environmental hazard scenarios etc., to support and enhance students’ experience of fieldwork and hazard management. What is the likely impact? Such virtual fieldtrips would […]

  • Developing a Work Placement Module

    Work Placement Module The Work Placement Module was allied to relevant employment areas and also often utilised to provide questions for dissertation work with results reported to site if appropriate. What was the impact? Enthused by experience of seeing subject skills in work context. If dissertation evolves from placement, there is satisfaction in addressing an […]

  • Engaging students in authentic programme development

    Engaging students in programme development This project involved detailed and thorough consultation with current and prospective students in line with Competition and Markets Authority guidance. The change of programme and award title to Creative Performance was identified as beneficial for students through a particularly rigourous process of consultation. What happened? We conducted an internal survey […]