Five spook-tacular things to do this Halloween 🎃

We have compiled a list of five spook-tacular things you could get up to this Halloween.

1. Check out the Halloween titles on BoB
BoB (Box of Broadcasts) is a service that Edge Hill students all have access to with 1000s of programmes. Why not try and find yourself a scary Halloween title?

2. Check out our DVD collection
If you’d rather, why not check out the DVD collection on the 2nd floor of Catalyst? Edge Hill have an array of scary and spooky movies including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn and The Devil’s Rejects.

3. Look out for our UniSkills Workshops
Keep a look out for our UniSkills workshops over the Halloween period. We have our Shut Up & Work sessions to help students discipline their study time.

4. Catalyst is open 24/7
Why not make use of the 24/7 opening times and come over to the Catalyst after hours when the building is dark and the wind is howling… 👻

5. Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte 🎃
Halloween means one thing: Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Head down to the 53.3° café on the ground floor of Catalyst to grab your hot drink.

We hope you have the most fang-tastic time!

Written by: DYLAN BOOTH

3rd Year Creative Writing Student

Student Advisor for Library & Learning Services

Halloween with BoB 🎃

BoB? What is it? Have you ever wondered what that BoB link is on your ‘My Library’ tab is?

Well wonder no more! Box of Broadcasts is available for all staff and students to access free on any device.  Whether you are looking for a programme that was aired on TV last week or last year, a documentary or a film which you should have watched for your next lecture, or you just fancy watching a film to wind down after a hard week studying, I am sure you will be able to find something on BOB.

As Halloween is fast approaching why not search for a scary film to watch, there are lots available from the classic 1978 version of Halloween to the more recent The Babadook, or the not-so-scary Zombie romance Warm Bodies.

If these don’t do the trick, try one of my seasonal playlists:

Classic Halloween Films definitely not for the children…or the fainthearted!

Or if you prefer something a little tamer how about trying my Family Halloween Playlist

And if these still don’t do the trick, The Ultimate Harry Potter playlist will be definitely be a treat.

You can also create your own playlists or use playlists other people have put together which is great if you need some ideas.

What is your favourite film to watch at Halloween?


MSc Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing

Student Advisor for Library & Learning Services

Shut Up & Work!

Do you struggle to concentrate and be productive with your assignments? Do you find managing your time difficult? Learning Services are offering structured study sessions, aiding students to make the most out of their study time by following the Pomodoro Technique.

The Pomodoro Technique is designed to help students focus, cut down on their distractions and interruptions, set objectives and manage their time efficiently. The technique involves splitting up study time by taking 5 minute breaks between 25 minute study blocks. By splitting up the session into singular chunks, you can evaluate the amount of time spent on particular tasks, keep your brain active and stimulated and avoid being wasteful of precious minutes.

The sessions will follow the Pomodoro Technique, with free refreshments and academic support available at the end of the session for those who need it. They will provide a quiet, comfortable environment with likeminded study buddies to encourage a more proactive and efficient study experience. The sessions are running on the following dates:

Tuesday 6th November – 10am-12pm

Tuesday 13th November – 10am-12pm

Wednesday 21st November – 10am-12pm

Thursday 29th November – 10am-12pm

Friday 7th December – 10am-12pm

Students who attend three or more sessions will be entered into a prize draw to win their very own pomodoro timer.

If this sounds of interest to you, book onto any of these sessions here. Alternatively, you could find other workshops that might be of more interest to you.

Written by: DYLAN BOOTH

3rd Year Creative Writing Student

Student Advisor for Library & Learning Services

DIY Library: Create your own Catalyst

How can you make the most of Catalyst and all it has to offer? Follow this step-by-step guide below to create the beginning of your very own Catalyst experience.

Step 1: Find your time

At Catalyst you definitely won’t be short for time – the building is open 24/7 during term. This means whether you’re up nice bright and early for the day ahead, or a night owl, Catalyst has you covered. Just bring along your UniCard past 8pm to enter the Catalyst doors.

Step 2: Find your space

Catalyst has no shortage of space. Split into four floors, Catalyst has catered for its various types of students, offering a groupwork space to work collaboratively, quiet study zones and a silent floor for those who prefer no noise at all. With computers based on every floor, and bookable individual or group study rooms, students can find their preferred working space at ease. One hundred laptop loans are offered on the ground floor too, where students can borrow laptops at the swipe of their card and find their perfect study space.

Step 3: Find your resources

Whether you need books, ebooks, journals, online journals or audio-visual resources, Catalyst has your back. With over 200,000 available resources you are spoilt for choice with material to help you with your assignments.

Needing to use an online journal? Edge Hill’s Discover More page locates any materials, both online and in the library, that are available to you, all easily accessible. Use these resources to create your own collection of information.

Step 4: Find your taste

Catalyst are proud to offer you 53.3° Café on the ground floor. With an array of hot and cold drinks and food to be tasted, why don’t you find your favourite bites from the new café?

Step 5: Now enjoy

Now enjoy! You have created your very own library experience where all that Catalyst has to offer is at your fingertips.

Need help?

Catalyst is home to three different services: Library and Learning Services, Student Services and Careers. These three services have been merged into the same building to provide a central point for all students to access the help, support and guidance they may need. Catalyst helpdesk is your first point of call for any queries, no matter how big or small, with any of the services.

We also offer UniSkills workshops for starting or developing your academic writing and 1-1 appointments with Student Advisors to ask about locating library resources, accessing the VLE and referencing.

However you may need it, Catalyst is here to help.

Written by: DYLAN BOOTH

3rd Year Creative Writing Student

Student Advisor for Library & Learning Services


Meet our Student Advisors

This year we welcome five new Student Advisors to our team: Dylan, Claire, Shelby, Rachel and Jade.

The Student Advisors are based in Catalyst and they are here to support you. The role of a Student Advisor is to provide help, support and guidance to other students on a peer to peer basis. The team are all current second, third year or Masters students and between them they bring a great variety of subject knowledge and experience, using all of that to support other students on their own University journey.

The support they provide revolves around getting the most out of your Library. They can help with searching the Library Catalogue for books and eBooks, using Discover More to find online journal articles, navigating Learning Edge, Harvard referencing and finding and accessing UniSkills academic support. They can also help you to develop a range of introductory academic skills and can introduce you to more specialised support where necessary.

Find out more about our Student Advsiors below and what they can help you with.




3rd Year Creative Writing

Dream Job:


What do you do as a Student Advisor?

As a Student Advisor I support students in numerous ways. Students can book onto a 1-1 appointment with me to help find electronic and physical resources, with referencing, Discover More and with any general enquiries they have about the VLE. In the Catalyst we are available to help students with any enquiries they may have about printing, study spaces or general information about the Catalyst itself. If you see us, don’t hesitate to approach!




MSc Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing

Dream Job:

Teaching / Supporting students with mental health difficulties

What do you do as a Student Advisor?

I work in Catalyst supporting students in accessing the resources they need, either by helping them search Discover More or the Library Catalogue. We also offer 1 to 1 appointments where we can support with assignment planning, note taking and referencing. I am always happy to share my experiences and coping strategies with other students.




BSc (Hons) International Business

Dream Job:

Educational Development at Microsoft or Apple

What do you do as a Student Advisor?

As a Student Advisor I am based in the new Catalyst building which is made up of the Library and Learning Services. My role is to support students. I can help and assist students with several things such as:

  • Helping student access the online library catalogue (Discover More)
  • Help students find learning materials E.g. Books, eBooks, CDs, DVDs, Teaching Resources.
  • How students can access a free television service called Box of Broadcasts and a free online course site called Learning with Lynda.
  • Helping student access and use the online Learning Edge.
  • Hosting 1-2-1 sessions on things like Harvard Referencing, Microsoft Office Basics, Learning Edge and many more.

There are many roles we under go as Student Advisors, but most of all we are here to share our knowledge and first hand experience as students ourselves. I personally enjoy my job and being able to help others in any way I can.




3rd Year Early Childhood Studies

Dream Job:

CEO of a nursery chain

What do you do as a Student Advisor?

My role is to support students in making the most of all the learning services available to them in Catalyst and online. I help students find books, improve their referencing and navigate online resources through ‘Getting Started’ workshops as well as much more. I really enjoy offering students peer to peer support and helping them thrive!




3rd Year Nutrition and Health

Dream Job:

Within the Food Industry – Sourcing Food Ingredients

What do you do as a Student Advisor?

I work in the new Catalyst building for Learning Services, to assist students with all things to do with the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). I can help students with Harvard referencing or searching for journal articles on Discover More.

My job as a Student Advisor also involves:

  • Delivering peer to peer support to other students
  • Helping to locate physical and virtual resources within the library
  • Providing individual help with Harvard Referencing

The best part of my job is helping to make students feel welcome in an unfamiliar environment. I can point you in the right direction of all the services in Catalyst, just ask!

Study Happy Week

We are running a Study Happy campaign next week (Monday 22nd October – Friday 26th October). This campaign is aimed at promoting a happier and healthier study experience for students.

It is well known that one of the most important factors to be successful at University is your health and wellbeing, and sometimes we all need a little bit of a boost 😀. It is important to find a good balance between valuable time for yourself and time for study. This week we will be providing free healthy drinks💧, snacks🍎 and activities. There will be free healthy snacks and water and you can take a well-earned break from your studies by taking part in the following activities: mindful colouring, stay organised with a planner, wordsearches, mindmap revision tips and time management tips. These activities are a great opportunity for you to take a break and have fun, spending time developing new time management and organisational skills. We will also have a Study Happy Book Display on the ground floor of Catalyst, so spend some time seeing what literature is available to help you with your studies.

Come along to Catalyst (11am-4pm) Monday 22nd October – Friday 26th October and get involved with Study Happy week.


Happy National Dictionary Day!

Happy National Dictionary Day! The day is held in memory of Noah Webster, a founder of the American Dictionary in 1758. Take this day as an opportunity to broaden your knowledge of the English language and the study of the dictionary. There are thousands of obscure and wonderful words you may want to acquaint yourself with.

Some interesting words I found earlier are:

argle-bargle [mass noun]

Copious but meaningless talk or writing; waffle

floccinaucinihilipilification [mass noun]

The action or habit of estimating something as worthless.

hoddy-noddy [noun]

A fool, simpleton, noodle.

opsimath [noun]

a person who begins to learn or study late in life

Why not equip yourself with a dictionary from Catalyst, or go online, and discover new words that could benefit you in your academic assignments or everyday life?

It is never too late to experience the amazing extent of the English language.

Written by: DYLAN BOOTH

3rd Year Creative Writing Student

Student Advisor for Library & Learning Services

Book Spine Poetry

If you are struggling with starting a creative piece of writing, wanting to get into poetry writing or just like the idea of creating your own poem then book spine poetry might be a great activity for you! In the wake of National Poetry Day, I invite you to take part in creating your own book spine poem.

Book spine poetry is an easy and accessible activity for everyone, those with little or a lot of poetic ability. All you need is a bit of time and your mind and all you have to do is locate your favourite book titles in the Library and put them together to create a poem.

(Hint: The best book titles are those in the fiction section, around 800! Or, if you prefer, use the University’s Library Catalogue to find your favourite titles.)

We want to see the book spine poetry that you have created! Follow us on our social media, post your favourite book spine poems along with the caption ‘#bookspineEHU’.

Facebook: @EHULearnService

Twitter: @EHULearnService

Instagram: @EHULibrary

Keep an eye on our social media for our own book spine poems throughout the year. With thousands of resources, your creative mind can take over in Catalyst, and you might even discover books you didn’t know about before!


Written by: DYLAN BOOTH

3rd Year Creative Writing Student

Student Advisor for Library & Learning Services

Bullet Journals

What is a bullet journal?

A fast and flexible analogue system, to weed out unnecessary distractions.

How do they help you organise your time?

  • Tracking the past
  • Organising the present
  • Planning the future
  • A bullet journal is the difference between being busy and being proactive!

What are the academic benefits?

  • Helps to keep track of grades
  • Cheaper than an expensive planner
  • Frees up brain space
  • Break from technology – No need for WI-FI or battery power
  • Encourages creativity
  • Keeping track of time spent studying

What do you need to get started?

Any empty (or half empty) notebook, some fancy pens (or just one you got free at freshers’ week).

Bullet Journal Workshop

We are holding a bullet journal workshop during Libraries Week on Friday 12th October. It will take place in Oak Training Room, 3rd floor Catalyst.

Book your place here.

Written by: JADE KAUR

3rd Year Nutrition and Health Student

Student Advisor for Library & Learning Services

Clear your diaries and head down to Catalyst, Libraries Week is coming!

We may be biased, but here in Learning Services we absolutely love libraries.

Whether for losing yourself in some fabulous fiction or stretching your academic skills muscles, a great library is a breeding ground for personal development, good mental health and connecting with your university or local community. What’s more, the dawning of the digital age has meant not only have many libraries embraced technology, but some have even re-written the rules and catapulted the sector into the user experience stratosphere (hello, Catalyst!)

In celebration of our commitment to innovation and student happiness, we’re just-finished-a-book delighted to be putting on our arts and craft hats for this year’s Libraries Week. With a national theme of ‘Wellbeing’, here are just a few of the events we have planned…

Take What You Need Tree @ Catalyst Help Desk

All week

We all need a little pick me up now and again. For some its chocolate, for others its spending sprees, and for some, a nice note from a beautiful synthetic tree just hits the spot. Feeling kind? Take a tag and write a supportive or encouraging message for fellow students. We’re feeling fuzzy inside already 🙂

Mindful Colouring @ Catalyst 

All week

There’s no doubt about it, adult colouring is all the rage. Why? Research suggests just 10 minutes a day can boost your mood and help to reduce depression and anxiety. We’ll take 10 crayons, please!

Self Help book display @ Catalyst

All week

Who doesn’t love a good self-help book? With shelves lined with expertise from psychologists and psychotherapists alike, we’ve decided to collate our favourites into a one-stop-shop for feel-good literature. Got a recommendation? Join the conversation on Twitter with #LibrariesWeek.

Book Club Launch @ Oak Room

Monday 8th October 13:00-14:00

In collaboration with Edge Hill’s Big Read, Monday marks the launch of #CatalystBookClub. Bring your friends and thoughts on Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine and be ready to leave inspired, raring for the next one and perhaps even with a few goodies.

Paper Flowers workshop @ Oak Room

Tuesday 9th October 12:00-13:00

Whether you’re an avid reader or merely a cereal box browser, everybody has a piece of literature that lingers with them long after it has been read. How cool would it be, then, if you could take your favourite pages and make an origami rose? Back by popular demand, this session will show you how.

Knit a bookmark workshop @ Oak Room

Wednesday 10th October 13:00-14:00

Nourishing your soul, practicing mindfulness and impressing your grandma are just a few of the benefits of coming along to our knit a bookmark workshop. Aimed at beginners and with all materials provided, we’ll show you step by step how to create an envy-inducing page holder.

The Great Textbook Giveaway @ The Hub

Thursday 11th October 11:00-2:00

Following the donation of over 800 books as part of our successful Pass the Book scheme, we now have a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction titles seeking a new home. This means you can come along to The Hub and take away your next read **completely free!**

Bullet Journal Workshop @ Oak Room

Friday 12th October 12:00-13:00

Staying organised is one of the biggest challenges of university life. Providing stationary, templates and #BulletJournal inspiration a plenty, we’ll show you how to set up a fun and creative system that means no essay deadline can ever go amiss.

All workshops are bookable on CareerHub.

Written by Maisie Prior.