SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods is a database which supports research at all levels by providing material to guide users through every step of the research process. Resources include a methods map, case studies, datasets, books, reference works, journal articles, and instructional videos from world-leading academics. The material is perfect for academic work, and is definitely worth using in your bibliography!

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Add datasets to your Pure profile

Do you have a researcher profile in Pure? If so, you can now boost your profile by adding your datasets. Here’s how…

Like journal articles, chapters, or books, a dataset is a research output in its own right and can be cited. If you choose to make them open, your datasets are best shared in a specialist research data repository like Edge Hill Figshare or Open Science Framework. However, you can now add details (e.g. title, links) of your datasets to Pure. This can build up your profile, direct traffic to your data, and make your work more discoverable and re-usable.

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How do our read and publish deals work?

Edge Hill researchers (students and staff) now have many opportunities to publish their journal articles open access, including ‘gold open access’, which previously required expensive fees in most cases. Knowing which OA ‘deals’ we have though, can be confusing. Here we help you get to grips with them…

Moving our research from green to gold

People often talk about ‘gold’ or ‘green’ open access, sometimes even ‘diamond’ gets mentioned.

Lots of explanations are out there, but in the past most Edge Hill research has been made open through the green route. This means the accepted manuscript version is shared in Pure, usually after an embargo period, and the research article can be freely read that way. With gold, the article can be read immediately on the publisher website with no paywall. This is easier for readers, but the publisher usually asks for a fee, pricing most authors out. If the publisher provides this service without fees, that’s diamond open access.

If we think about it with biscuits (and why not think this way) it’s like saying, ‘Yes you can have this green Viscount biscuit for free, but you can’t eat it for a year!” Or, “You can eat this gold bar now, but you’ll have to pay £2000!”.

different kinds of open access. A summary explaining green, gold, and diamond open access is shown.
Types of open access illustrated through biscuits and cakes
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Let’s hear it for UniSkills…

Recently, we’ve been asking you – our students – what you think about UniSkills and the academic support we provide.

Happily, lots of you provided some great feedback and we thought it would be useful to share it with those of you who may need some extra support but haven’t yet booked to attend a workshop or 1-2-1 appointment.

So, read on to find out what you may have been missing out on and how to get involved…

UniSkills Logo
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#ReadySetRevise: Exam Reflections from your Student Advisors

We hope you have been enjoying all the UniSkills #ReadySetRevise activity so far this week. Our Student Advisors are mixture of undergraduate and postgraduate students and between them bring together a wealth of knowledge from studying at Edge Hill. This makes them ideal candidates to pass on their wisdom, so join them as they share their reflections on their own exam experiences, how they’ve overcome any challenges and their tips for revision success.

Ready, Set, Revise campaign banner
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It’s time to Ready, Set, Revise!

Whether you’ve got exams coming up or creeping assignment submission dates, the UniSkills team is on hand to support you. As part of Ready, Set, Revise! you’ll find lots of useful resources – from workshops and webinars to revision playlists, and even exam wisdom from our Student Advisors.

From 4th-14th April, here’s everything we’ve got in store to help you navigate the exam period with clarity and confidence…

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ClinicalKey Student: Nursing, Medical and Midwifery Resources

ClinicalKey Student is a leading clinical-based resource that contains 106 nursing, 30 midwifery, and 310 medical titles as well as images and videos for many specialties providing trusted resources for students and their faculty.

You will need to create an account to use Clinical Key Student and its personalisation features, and there is even a handy video guide to help you get started. ClinicalKey is divided into following three collections:

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