Welcome to the latest instalment of the UniSkills Focus on blog. In this edition we will be looking at a database called Literary Reference Plus

What does Literary Reference Plus offer? 

As the name indicates, Literary Reference Plus is a full-text database that a large number of reference works about literature, covering all literary genres and time periods. Within the database you can explore: 

  • 189,500 classic and contemporary poems 
  • 39,000 classic and contemporary short stories 
  • 8,150 classic novels 
  • 77,500 articles and critical analysis essays 
  • Over 27,000 plot summaries, synopses, and work overviews 
  • Over 217,000 author biographies 
  • Over 14,000 author interviews 
  • Over 680 full-text literary journals 
  • Over 2,900 full-text e-books 
  • Over 1.2 million book reviews 
  • Over 840 critical analysis essays about popular young adult (YA) and children’s literature titles, including film analyses 
  • Over 190 Critical Insights volumes 

The benefits of using Literary Reference Plus  

If you’re studying English Literature or Creative Writing you will find Literary Reference Plus an important reference source. You might be researching a particular author, a classic work, or a specific genre of English or American literature; whatever your focus Literary Reference Plus will contain a wealth of information and resources that can help you with your assignments. 

How to access Literary Reference Plus 

There are many links to Literary Reference Plus in this blog post which you can click on. Away from this blog, the easiest way to access Literary Reference Plus is to go to the subject resources webpages for English Language, English Literature and Creative Writing and click on the link under the Journals and Databases tab. 

Further help and support  

Remember, if you need any further help or support finding, accessing, or getting the most out of your resources head over to the UniSkills web pages. From here you can access lots more information, toolkits and video tutorials, book on a UniSkills Workshop and even book a one-to-one appointment.    


We hope you can join us next time as we look at International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance with Full-Text