Edge Hill supports open research through its open research statementopen access and research data management policies.

The publication of UNESCO’s Recommendation on Open Science illustrated that the move towards open research (or science if you prefer) is a global undertaking and United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) cite open research as ‘integral to their mission to deliver economic and social benefit and accessible, transparent, reproducible, and cooperative research’ (UKRI, 2023).

A well established tree growing over to one side being supported by a carved wooden hand.

In the latter half of 2023 the Research Support team, based in the University Library, reflected and adapted to these changes through development of its staffing model and a change of name to become the Open Research team.

The Open Research team supports all aspects of open research practice throughout the research lifecycle and, thanks to the UNESCO recommendations, this now has an agreed definition. We are still a part of Library and Learning Services and continue to work closely with our colleagues in the Academic Engagement team and the Research Office.

Library and Learning Services Open Research Team. Left to right: Judith Carr, Esther Byrom, Helen Bell and Rosie Sumner.
Library and Learning Services Open Research Team | Left to right: Judith Carr, Ether Byrom, Helen Bell and Rosie Sumner.

We have grown too, and in October 2023 our new Research Data Manager, Esther Byrom, joined the team. We already support all aspects research data management, helping researchers make their research data as open as possible with our Figshare data repository. However, with Esther in post, we can develop the service and provide more dedicated guidance and support.

Over the coming months our Open Research web and wiki pages will be updated to reflect our new name and developing services and if you have any questions about open research, open access or research data management then please get in touch: