In the intersection of academia and healthcare, the principle of open access emerges as a beacon of hope, enabling the free flow of critical healthcare knowledge. This principle resonates profoundly with the upcoming International Open Access Week, scheduled from the 23 to the 29 of October. The week seeks to emphasise the importance of community-centric approaches over commercialisation, aligning with the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science.

International Open Access Week October 23rd to October 29th.
Democratising Knowledge: The UNESCO Standpoint

The UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science underscores the need to prioritise community interests above commercial gains. This principle holds exceptional relevance within the field of clinical research. It advocates for the prevention of unfair profiteering from publicly funded scientific activities and champions non-commercial and collaborative publishing models, free from exorbitant article processing charges. This aligns with the foundational vision of open access – an amalgamation of tradition and technology to offer an unparalleled public good.

Putting Community First: A Key Tenet

At its essence, the message is clear: communities and their needs should invariably take precedence over commercial interests, especially within the sphere of clinical research. The dominance of profit-driven motives in the dissemination of medical knowledge raises pertinent questions. Open Access Week serves as a crucial platform for dialogue, prompting reflection on the loss experienced when a select few corporations monopolise the production of medical knowledge. It questions the toll profit-centric business models take on accessibility and advocates for community-controlled infrastructures, such as preprint servers, repositories, and open publishing platforms.

A Call to Action: International Open Access Week 2023

This year’s theme, meticulously selected by the Open Access Week Advisory Committee, advocates for active participation and heightened awareness regarding community control of knowledge sharing systems within the clinical research domain. From the 23rd to the 29th of October, International Open Access Week 2023 presents an opportune moment for healthcare professionals, researchers, and the community to stand together and act. However, the invitation to host discussions and take action extends beyond this designated week, encouraging flexibility to adapt the theme and activities to local contexts throughout the year.

Nurturing Inclusivity and Accessibility in Clinical Research

International Open Access Week embodies the spirit of a collaborative and accessible academic and healthcare world. By championing community-driven approaches and fostering a sense of inclusivity, we progress towards a society where healthcare knowledge is not restricted but shared freely. This aligns with the principles of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science. So, let’s celebrate Open Access Week, empowering the community to take charge of knowledge dissemination and embrace the era of open knowledge sharing, particularly in the field of clinical research.

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