Happy New Year, we hope you had a relaxing and recharging winter break!  

In the first UniSkills Focus On… blog of 2023 we are exploring Gale Literature. If you’re studying English Gale Literature could be your go to place for literary criticism, author’s biographies, poems, short stories and plays.  

UniSkills Focus On. This month our student blog series explores Gale. Read the full blog and more: blogs.edgehill.ac.uk/ls

The benefits of Gale Literature 

Gale has a number of literary databases, which you have access to as an Edge Hill student – you may have searched some of these already: 

  • Gale Literature Criticism contains an extensive compilation of literary criticism from scholar and popular sources. These include broadsheets, pamphlets, encyclopaedias, books and periodicals. 
  • Gale Literature Resource Center has literary criticism on 130,000 authors, biographies about 160,000 authors, as well as primary sources and multimedia works. 

However, Gale Literature allows you to search all the Gale literary databases in one search

The databases that Gale Literature searches include: 

Gale Literature also has some features which make it particularly useful, including: 

  • Basic and advanced search options 
  • Person search, if you know the name of the author or literary figure  
  • Works search, if you know the name of the piece of work 
  • A topic finder to help you explore new topics or keywords and results help you to visualise connections between search terms and view relevant articles for those topics 
  • A term frequency tool for semantic analysis allowing you to explore the coverage of your search terms, graphed over time and note trends in multiple topics 

How to access Gale Literature?

The easiest way to access Gale Literature is to search Discover More and click on the link to the home page. Or visit the English and Creative Writing Subject Resource web page.  

Further Help and Support  

If you need any further help or support finding, accessing or getting the most out of your resources head over the UniSkills web pages. From here you can access lots more information, toolkits and video tutorials, book on a UniSkills workshop and even book a 1-2-1 appointment

So, why don’t you try Gale Literature? It will help you find quality material on all aspects of English Literature. 

Join us next month as the UniSkills Focus On… blog will be looking at Scopus