An ipad showing a weekly planner

Even though they are a normal part of university life, exams can still cause worry and stress for lots of students. To help you navigate the upcoming assessment period, the UniSkills team have shared their wisdom for preparing as best you can…

Get organised

Get organised by writing a list of all your exam dates, times, locations and any other details in advance. Double check that you know where you need to be and how to get there, as well as that you have everything you need for the day.

An ipad showing a weekly planner

Consider your bedtime routine

Try to have a good sleep the night before. If you’re feeling particularly anxious, some gentle exercise or meditation can help to clear your mind and be sure to avoid any caffeinated drinks after midday!

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Fuel your focus

Eat a substantial and nutritious breakfast, even if you don’t feel like it. While your nerves may impact your appetite, it’s never wise to go into an exam on an empty stomach – a banana or slice of toast is better than nothing.

hands preparing a banana

Believe in yourself

Breathe – you’ve got this. You’ve done the hard work, preparation and revision, now you just need to relax and believe in your capabilities. This is your time to shine!

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For further support with your exam preparation, revision and more, you can find a wide range of information, guides, video tutorials and interactive toolkits available 24/7 on the UniSkills web pages.

The UniSkills team wish you the best of luck in your upcoming exams! ?