Do you have a researcher profile in Pure? If so, you can now boost your profile by adding your datasets. Here’s how…

Like journal articles, chapters, or books, a dataset is a research output in its own right and can be cited. If you choose to make them open, your datasets are best shared in a specialist research data repository like Edge Hill Figshare or Open Science Framework. However, you can now add details (e.g. title, links) of your datasets to Pure. This can build up your profile, direct traffic to your data, and make your work more discoverable and re-usable.

Important: the data doesn’t ‘live’ in Pure!

Adding a dataset record in Pure simply explains that the data exists, confirms that you are the author, and provides details so the reader can find and understand it. As such, a data record in Pure doesn’t include and files for download. Here’s how one appears:

Dataset record in Pure. The item is titled: 'United Nations Peacekeeping Raw Interview Data'. It is by Jennifer Giblin.
Dataset record for ‘United Nations Peacekeeping Raw Interview Data’ by Jennifer Giblin. This record can be found at:

How to get started

The process is similar to adding a regular research output. You complete a form and the record will appear in your Pure record. Please find a guide to adding datasets to your Pure profile here: