Happy New Year!!! We hope you all had a wonderful break and are raring to go for the new year ahead. The Student Engagement Team welcomed you back on 4th January with our New Year, New UniSkills campaign which saw a jam packed schedule of academic skills support to motivate you to get back in to study mode including UniSkills workshops, Student Advisor academic resolutions and ‘how to’ videos.

New Year fireworks

Student Advisor New Year Academic Resolutions

Our fabulous team of Student Advisors shared their New Year New UniSkills academic resolutions across our social media channels and we also encouraged you to let us know what changes you were going to make to nail your assignments this year. Here’s a recap of all their academic resolutions…. You can also view these in video form in our You Tube Playlist.

Alex – Student Advisor

“To ask for help more, submit more draft assignments to achieve a better final score, and attend as many available workshops as I can! Hopefully ensuring I’m taking everything I can out the third year of my degree!”

Callie – Student Advisor

“To read more around the topics I’m studying to fully understand concepts and help my further with my assignments”

Emma – Student Advisor

Review my lecture and seminar notes on a weekly basis to reinforce my knowledge and submit all my assignments at least a week before the deadline so I’m not stressing last minute! 

Maya – Student Advisor

To really nail my time management and spread out my work, to make sure I don’t have to cram all my assignments right before the deadline. This way, I’ll be as least stressed as possible during my final year! 

Darren – Student Advisor

To make the most of the services on offer in the Catalyst, such as study spaces and careers to boost my grades and employability as I progress with my degree.  

Laura – Student Advisor

To remember to prioritise my workload. The final year of my MA will be a busy one, so I will need to schedule my time wisely to achieve the best marks! 

How to Access Student Advisor Support

Our Student Advisors provide help, support and guidance to other students on a peer-to-peer basis. They can help you get the most out of the University Library and assist you in developing a range of introductory academic skills – such as how to use Discover More, navigate Learning Edge/Blackboard, and feel confident with Harvard referencing!

You might meet your Student Advisors during our UniSkills Webinars, where they attend as a chat buddy, or in one of their very own UniSkills Webinars! You can also contact us to book a peer-to-peer appointment with your Student Advisors. They can support you with all the topics mentioned above, and more – so if you’re not sure get in touch and we can help!

The Student Advisor team also create lots of useful content, including videos and blogs, so make sure you keep up-to-date by following Library and Learning Services on TwitterInstagram, and on our blog.

We hope you enjoyed reading all about our Student Advisor academic resolutions and that they have have inspired you to make your own!