Whether you’re anticipating a busy or restful winter break (hopefully a mix of the two with plenty of mince pies!), the New Year is the perfect time to reflect on your studies and start planning for the term ahead.

New Year New UniSkills. Join us from 4th January for an exciting line up of UniSkills workshops to welcome you back. ehu.ac.uk/uniskills

The good news is from 4th – 7th January, it’s New Year, New UniSkills! Which means a jam-packed schedule of academic skills support to keep you motivated during those dark and misty winter mornings.

Here’s a round up of what your Student Engagement Team has in store:

* New Webinar * How to be a Successful Student!

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to ‘get’ studying; they know what they should be doing and when, they’re great at staying motivated and hitting deadlines and most importantly they have a positive outlook about their studies.

Well, it’s time to learn some of their secrets -­ to think about who you are as a student and what you could be doing differently to maximise your studying potential.

This one-hour workshop will provide you with the space and time to think about your study experiences as a student so far, including what’s working well and what you might need to improve.

You will:

⭐ Reflect on your student identity – who you are right now and who you want to be.

⭐ Be supported to think about your goals and motivations.

⭐ Align your goals against your own student identity and values.

⭐ Discover how to access additional academic skills support should you need it.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your place now and take control of your own study success!

* Back by popular demand * Study Smarter in 2022

Do you currently rely on re-reading and highlighting to get through your exams? This session uncovers why certain revision techniques can be counterproductive, and the strategies to make your exam preparation more effective and efficient.

We’ll explore famous note taking methods, from Cornell to Feynman, as well as the latest technology for time and project management. For procrastinators in search of motivation, we’ll discuss how systems can help cultivate discipline for your studies, and how to set meaningful academic goals (you actually stick to!).

You will:

⭐ Understand the procrastination cycle and how you can avoid it

⭐ Use knowledge of ‘learning illusions’ to be able to revise more effectively

⭐ Be inspired to align your environment with your study goals

⭐ Discover a variety of note taking techniques, and where to find templates

It’s never too late to change your study habits, so be sure to secure your place quick!

Set your New Year Study Resolutions with our Student Advisors

Keep an eye on the blog and across our social channels where our wonderful Student Advisors will be sharing their New Year Study Resolutions with us.

Why not let us know yours using the #NewYearNewUniSkills? After all, sharing goals can help hold you accountable to your progress, and keep you motivated with the going gets tough!

Remind me how I…

Our Student Advisors have been extra busy putting together a selection of handy ‘how-to’ videos, including how to book a workshop, return a book and finding a study space to suit you – the perfect refresher for getting rusty minds back into study mode!

The Student Engagement Team looks forward to welcoming you back and continuing to support you in your studies through January and beyond ?