This summer Library & Learning Services are launching a new Library Management System (LMS) which will replace our existing Library Catalogue and resource discovery system, Discover More. The LMS is the core system which underpins many of our services, such as searching for resources, borrowing and renewing books, making an Inter Library Loan request, and purchasing books and other library content. The LMS also needs to integrate with a range of other systems and services around the University and so changing system is a significant undertaking. The Library selected OCLC’s Worldshare Management Services (WMS) as our new system at the end of last year and the implementation project began in early 2021. After 6 months of work, we are now nearing our go live date of 4th August 2021. This post is intended to provide further information about the new system and how this will impact students and staff.

A pale blue background with the wording at the top reading Coming Soon Discover More and at the bottom the wording reads, The New Library Management System. The image in the middle is of lots of hardback books, accompanied by a globe and a couple of plants either side. There are three people in the image, left to right, one is holding a magnifying glass, another is sat on the books using a laptop. There is a white PC in the centre of the image, sitting atop the books, and the third person, a woman, appears to be pulling an information slide to the right off the PC. The rectangle denoting the slide features some lines to imply writing, and a globe, a graph and an equation.

Why are we changing systems?

The library is currently operating two different systems, our LMS and a separate discovery interface. To staff and students, the front end of the LMS functions as the Library Catalogue which is used to search for books and to log in to your library account. The other system running concurrently is Discover More which you can use to search for all other resources including eBooks and eJournals. The new system will integrate the LMS and discovery system into a single platform, a one-stop shop where students and staff can search for all the resources they need as well as logging into their library account to carry out tasks such as placing a hold request on a book or making a renewal.

Additionally, the new system will bring a range of other benefits. Here are just some of the drivers behind the switch:

  • Modern and consistent student experience and increased customer satisfaction
  • A more integrated, innovative, and intuitive system improving workflows
  • Improved discoverability of library resources
  • Access to system developments and shared data created for and by the global community
  • A mobile, scalable, and responsive cloud hosted technology platform

How will the change impact library users?

The look and feel of the new system will be very similar to Discover More now. For the most part, you should not notice too much difference. The main change is that we will no longer have a separate Library Catalogue and your library account will be accessed through Discover More. We will be updating links across our webpages, and we are asking everyone to update any bookmarks they might have saved so that they point to the new service. Logging in to the new system will be through your usual Edge Hill username and password.

There may be some disruption as we change over to the new service on the 4th of August and you will not be able to login to your library account from 29th July until 4th August to place reservations or view your account details. You can still borrow and return books from the library. Access to eBooks and eJournals won’t be affected.

What if I need help?

If you have any problems using the new system or accessing your library account, then you can get help through one of the usual methods listed in our Help & Support pages.

Any questions about the project can be directed to Anna Franca, Collections Manager: [email protected]