Here we bring together all the guidance on using the new version of EndNote at home or on-campus.

A promotional image for EndNote. It shows birds gracefully flying through the air alongside this text: 
"EndNote gets you organized, saves you time, and helps you fly through your next research project. Import references, Share reference libraries,
Cite while you write, Reformat citation styles, Research Smarter.

What is EndNote?

EndNote is reference management software best used for research projects. It has lots of advanced features, but can take a long time to learn and master. If you wish to use referencing software for a taught course (undergraduate, PGT) we recommend using RefWorks instead.

Installing EndNote

The University has access to EndNote 20, the latest version of EndNote. Most departments recommend their undergraduates use RefWorks, however EndNote is available if you prefer to use it.

EndNote is installed on all PCs in Catalyst but for other computers including personal machines, you can download EndNote here. (You will need to sign in with your network log-in.) Please note that if you are using an Edge Hill laptop or PC, you will need to ask IT Services to approve the download. If you are using your own laptop, there should be no problem. 

Getting started with EndNote

We have created a short guide to getting started with EndNote and this toolkit giving an overview of using EndNote.  

Further support with EndNote

For further support, Clarivate Analytics (the EndNote supplier) has a comprehensive YouTube channel with lots of short videos that can be used to support you getting started using EndNote 20. Clarivate also provides an online support desk you can use for technical issues.

Blog post by: Olwen Pennington, Academic Engagement Team